Ideas for the Best Possible Date

Rice aroni the san Francisco treat

Elbow in the face

Shit in the pool

Not enough money to pay the bill

Your fault that food falls on date

Talking to the wrong person on the internet

Shopping with wrong person <- not your mom

Playing it off <- slipping at the bowling alley

Pretending to be smart <- nerdy

Sneeze and booger goes flying

Step on the dress

Stuck in the teeth

Bad gas

Look then fall

Cause accident w/ dateís family

Bird crap on leg

Opening the door the wrong way

Sharing can be fun

Slow motion moment

Who do you keep talking to

Favio: ever since I started kindergarten Iíve always liked this girl

Nicole Skankawits

Play some girl running through the meadow music
She never seemed to notice me

But today was my big chance, she had just broken up with her boyfriend

Steve the captain of the football team, it was a bad brake up, and I favio Garcia

The president of the Spanish club was to be her night in shinning armor

Mimic the words
I got through my normal routine in the morning

Whoís the sexy man in the mirror

Whoís the sexy man in the mirror

I practiced my Antonio banderas accent

I am Antonio banderas

I am Antonio banderas

I got on the bus that morning with the absolute certainty that my glory with Nicole was

Only hours away

I sat next to joe

The girls say that what he doesnít have in brains he makes up for in looks

Favio: hey joe whats up man

Joe: nothing here

Yeah absolutely nothing

Joe: so who are you taking to our senior homecoming?


Says to himself
My precious Nicole

Song starts

I donít know yet, how about you?

Joe: Iím gonna ask Nicole


I had no worries Iím sure Nicole would see through this clown about as fast as the

court saw through r-kelly

Favio: good luck man

Joe: thanks man

I got off the bus and head toward my locker

My buddy lisa was there

Lisa: hey favio how have you been