Ideas are Tools

I have found that the power process #1 "Ideas are Tools" is the most important learning process that a person can use to reach the level of a master student. This idea suggest that you treat ideas as tools and that each new idea that the text has to offer should be used and evaluated as to it\'s effectiveness. Imagine that a new idea is a hammer. You want to take this hammer and use it to see if it will do the job that you want to complete. If it doesn\'t work for you save the tool for future use and try another tool that might handle the job better. Consider the textbook as a toolbox and it contains the entire tools you need to use to become a master student. You want to test each idea yourself. Don\'t look for right or wrong with a new idea instead look for its potential value and how you can test it. Remember that, ideas are for using not believing.
I have a friend that is a mechanic that I admire and trust very much. He always impresses me whenever he works on one of our cars. He has a large selection of tools in his toolbox at his disposal that he has accumulated over time by performing many different types of repair jobs and each one may require a different tool to make the job easier. He has also gained his knowledge through formal training or by learning on his own over a period of time. The point is that he has learned that his tools help him do different jobs and it not only speeds up the repair process but it makes it easier for him when he uses the right tools. New ideas are like tools, use them to see if they will help you do a job faster or easier. "If it works use it. If it doesn\'t don\'t." Be like a mechanic store your tools because you never know what the next job you have to perform might require you to use.
This first power process also suggest that you can expand your toolbox by looking for answers. Education is about finding answers to questions so don\'t stop searching out answers or you will stop learning. Don\'t be afraid to take a risk and try to look for more answers even if you think you have found the right one. This concept goes back to one of our five values to college success, risk taking. Actually, you could say that if you practice this power process, "Ideas are Tools", you would use all five values to college success: focused attention, self-responsibility, risk taking, integrity, and contributions.
As I go through each new chapter I am able to take each new power process and try it out to see if I can use it to help me in my other classes. It has been thirty years since I was in school and the new learning tools being offered in this course has helped me adjust quickly and efficiently to this new college experience. I am able to evaluate new ideas, decide if it helps me or not, and remember them so I can refer to it later when a situation might call for that particular process. I feel if everyone would use this first process that it makes a great foundation to build your education on and help you become a master student.