I think that a human life is a very special thing that exists. That is why I

completely and totally support the death penalty for those who threaten or take anotherís

life. By trying to take a personís life they should give up their own. This is the only

punishment suitable for such a crime.
In fact, I think that we should make the death penalty fitting for more crimes. Any time a person
willingly takes or tries to take anothers life, without reason, should be put to death. Murder, attempted
murder, and terrorist acts all fall into this category. Bombing plots, assassination plots, and all other plots to
kill a person should be punishable by death. Armed robbery should be too, because in most cases the
criminal uses the weapon. I very seriously believe that rape and other forms of sexual assault and abuse
crimes deserve the death penalty.
I believe not only is the death penalty needed because it is fair punishment, but that it will also act
as an example. Fear of death will hopefully prevent many violent crimes. This is definitely a benefit of the
death penalty.
Some people have claimed that because that since innocent people are sometimes punished, the
death penalty is wrong. If you imprison someone, they can be freed if evidence turns up and proves they
were not quilty. But the death penalty cannot be undone. I believe about 24 people have been wrongly
executed in America. If you compare that to the thousands of murders each year, this is a small price to pay.
Our justice system is set up so that it is much more likely that a quilty person will be found not quilty than an
innocent person will be convicted. When you live in this country, you are essentially entering into a
contract in which you give the government certain rights to your life, freedom, and possessions. Normally
the government does not have the right to take those things away. When you have broken a law, though,
you have given up some or all of your rights.
Let the punishment fit the crime. And there is no other punishment that fits such crimes. We must
have and use the death penalty.