I think proposition 187 is wrong not just because it is mainly pointed at latino people and because I am latino but because itıs inhumane, inmoral and itıs against human rights.
I think that proposition 187 is inhumane the propositon it self is lacking of kindness and compasion because without the help of the government, people would be physicaly ill because they would not have medical help or food because of the lack of money.
I also think that governor Pete Wilson is inmoral because by the looks of it he does not know the difference bettwen right and wrong. He does not know what he will be doing to people, it seems to me that he does not realize what he will be doing to people if he enfoces this law.he thinks that all he will be doing is geting all the immigrants out of california.
Finaly I think that it is against human rights. I think that humans should have the right to go any where they please no matter where they where born or what race they are.
So in conclusion I think that prop 187 in wrong because itıs inhumane, inmoral and because itıs against human rights.

In the following porfolio I am about to show you there will be some of the best work I have done in the past year.
The first piece I am about to show you is about my hair. It is a piece that will take you back to my first hair style to my most recent one, this piece is called my hair history.
I will also show you a responce I did on a story I enjoied this year, itıs called romeo and juliet. I am pretty shure you have heard of it. I will give you a quick narration of the story.
In my portfolio you will also find an essay that will talk about proposition 187, and why I think it is wrong. Something else I put in my protfolio is a coat of arms that I made in my spanish class. This coat of arms is separated into four parts that show my goals, favorite passtimes, whts most important to me and family. I am very prowd of my coat of arms because itıs creative, artistic and because I got a perfect score on it.
The last piece I placed into my porflio is a drawing that I made at home. Itıs very important to me because I put a lot of time and effort into it.

As I look at writing pieces I have done in the previous years I see how much I have immproved as a writer. I can see my weeknesess geting stronger, I can see my vocabulary and my edeting skills immproving.
I myself as a writer have learned to pick more challenging topics for example, I wrote an essay that talks about proposition 187. It talks about how if the proposition 187 law passes what it will do and how it will afect elegal immigrants.
one of my favorite pieces of my favorite piece of writing has to be the one I did about proposition 187 because it shows how I feel about what
governor Pete Wilson is trying to do to elegal immigrants and how I feel it will destroy part of their lives.
My favorite piece of writing has to be my hair history. I think that this piece is creative as well as funny because I give examples on how my hair looks, for example there is a part where I say that it looks as if they had put a boul over my head and cut my hair. In this whole year I think that I have immproved in several areas including hooks, conclusions and punctuation.

I am not a top of the line writer, I still need help in several areas. My favorite type of writing is immaginative/narrative because I have a good imagination and I can come up whith wild and crazy plots and characters and sceenes or just normal every day people lading a normal every life. The domains I have most problems with are annalitical/exposatory and practical/imformative because I have problems showing facts and holding up an argument.
I have other problems with writing skills like hooks and conclusions. with hooks the problem is