I, The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson, come before you today to testify that America should take a path of laissez-faire capitalism in the newfound industrialization of America. I have been summoned from my grave to warn this nation that its defacto policy will only lead to the Union's downfall. America can not succeed in the wake of industry and technology. It must go back to its grass roots of agriculture before it is too late! Industry relies on technology and if America fails to keep on the cutting edge of technology then its industry will suffer. A country built on the stability of agriculture can not go wrong. If the countries food supplies were self sustaining then in a time of war or other crisis America will not have to rely on its enemies to survive.
I have had many great accomplishments in my time, too many to list, but I will try to name a few. I created what is now called Jeffersonian Democracy, a form of government that I still believe should be used in the Gilded Age. I was inaugurated as President of the United States in 1801. The voters reelected me to a second term in 1804. I authored the Declaration of Independence that declared the United States as independent from Britain. Also during this time I authored the Louisiana Purchase which effectively doubled the size of the United States.
My inventions and well rounded knowledge also won me some fame. I designed the architecture of the Virginia Capitol, the University of Virginia, and Monticello. For some time I served as the president of the American Philosophical Society, an organization to encourage scientific and intellectual research. America's system of coinage using decimals was an idea of mine. However great these accomplishments may seem I would like to be known as pratical-minded citizen who valued hard work and cherished the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Our government should only serve to protect man from outside invaders and protect man from disputes between states. No other government interference should exist. The government has no business regulating commerce or imposing laws to help out the railroads. These everyday intrusions into our lives from the government must cease to continue before the problem snowballs and the government eventually controls every aspect of our lives.
If a man, such as Carnegie wants to start a successful steel business then let him. If he controls the entire business then he deserves it because he worked his way up from nothing. The government should dissolve the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Free market capitalism knows no restrictions and should be allowed to flourish. Even if a competitor such as Carnegie gains an unfair advantage the government should not to put restrictions on trade to keep him down. America needs a laissez-faire government.