I. Statement and Dilemma

From the beginning of mankind, man has treated the Earth as if it has infinite resources. Only now do we realize our world is both over populated and showing its limitations of its natural resources. It is possible through nuclear war or simple stupidity that the Earth’s environment could be severely damaged and inhabitable by man. Even worse, factors that are uncontrollable by man like a comet in the movie "Armageddon" could end mankind on earth as we know it. Unfortunately the Earth is not as safe as we once thought it was. With this inevitable truth of our mother Earth, it is worth considering going beyond the Earth to establish an alternative resource. That alternative is Mars. By Customizing Mars through terraforming we can eventually colonize its martian surface.

II. Arguments in favor of the bill

a.) There is an abundance of natural resources on Mars. Some of the things Earth is running out of, that Mars has an abundance of are:
1. Water-that is located in the form of frozen ice at both poles of the planet. This could be used to support humans and other life, to make fuel, and to make air. There is also a strong possibility of a large supply of water existing as a permafrost layer a short distance below the surface of the planet. If this layer of permafrost indeed exists, and covers the entire planet, providing a more than sufficient supply of water for full-scale colonization efforts. With all of these naturally resources on Mars with the help of people to speed up Mars’ evolution we can quickly create a habitat for people (that are not wearing space suits). Here’s a proposed plan:
A.) Literally pollute Mars and fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, making the atmosphere very thick.
B.) Heat trapped by the atmosphere will make Mars’ polar ice caps melt, covering the planet with water.
C.) Hardy plants and algae will be introduced to Mars, burning the carbon dioxide and making oxygen which humans and animals can breathe...
The you have it instant atmosphere.
2. Solar Energy-the Martian atmosphere is exposed to much more solar radiation (about 44%) than our own, which means power can be stored, extra solar arrays can be built at different locations to create massive solar powered generators to produce electricity for the colonization efforts.
3. Materials on the surface of the planet and gases in the atmosphere-the surface of Mars is colored red due to the presence of oxidized iron materials. As a whole, it is very rich and heavy metals and should provide numerous resources for resourceful mining operations. The Martian atmosphere is primarily composed of Carbon dioxide, three significant quantities of Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide. There are also traces of water, Nitrogen oxide, Neon, Hydrogen-Deuterium-Oxygen, Krypton, and Xenon. Thus, a feasible source of the life-necessary elements of Oxygen and Nitrogen exists within easy reach throughout the planet.

A comparison of Mars and the Earth:
Earth Mars
Diameter 7926 miles 4219 miles
Length of year 365 687
Length of day 24 24.6
Distance from sun 91-94 Million miles 128-155 Million miles
Atmospheric Pressure 1014 millibars 7-9 millibars

b.)World Population-If one assumed the population doubled every twenty years (as it currently does in many third world countries) then a colony of initially one thousand people could increase to a population of one billion after four centuries. Mars has the same land area as the Earth despite its smaller size because Mars has no oceans. Once a population had reach one billion then a program of true terraformation could commence.
It is also relevant to add that if our world becomes overly populated it would be necessary to have an alternative living space for the population. It would be wonderful to have another planet where people good go and begin. This would help the Earth have a balanced population equal to its natural resources. Mars could make this possible!

c.) One of the most seen movies of summer 1998 was the smash hit Armageddon. The movie center’s around the possibility of an asteroid crashing down on Earth and destroying all of mankind and every living creature on this planet.
Armageddon’s the biblical term used to describe the end of mankind and is a favorite topic for many novelists and blockbuster hits, Is Armageddon possible? Many scientists seem to think so. Whenever anyone questions the possibility of the extinction of mankind,