I sat in the woods in my backyard to get away from my busy life, and sit and observe things that happen, that I'm to busy to see. Those things are things that you have to take time and sit out of your busy life to notice. Those things are all around us but we just don't know they are happening because we're going to fast to see.
I took twenty minutes out of my busy life to watch and getaway from the rest of the world to watch nature. You notice things that you never see before. The weather was cold, but warm if you sat in the sunlight. The leaves were wet because it had rained the day before, and the sun hadn't had a chance to dry them out. You couldn't hear much over the wind blowing and the leaves rustling over the ground. I sat and watched leaves and sticks getting blown off the top of the trees.
Most of the trees looked dead with no leaves on the branches. While sitting there watching the leaves I saw two squirrels running up and down a tree chasing one another. I looked deeper into the woods and saw a squirrel burying his nuts in the ground, so it will have food for over the winter.
A few feet in front of me were red ants clawing all over a dead log. There were tons of them clawing all around carrying little pieces of food. All the animals where getting ready for the cold winter that is ahead of us. Across in the neighbor's backyard were birds eating from a bird feeder. I heard birds chirping then over top the birds I heard geese for off in the woods by the lake.
I was lucky didn't get bitten by any bugs or flies, I guess it was because the wind was blowing. I could smell the brewery; the wind carried it over. The smell was so strong; it smelled like I was standing right next to it.
I think people could learn a lot if they went out and took time to sit in the woods. They wouldn't even have to sit in the woods just as long as they sat outside and observed. They would see more things that they usually wouldn't see; it would be more relaxing for them to. I suggest doing it when the weather got a little warmer so you wouldn't be so cold sitting there.