I read a book on Cal Ripken Jr. titled "The Streak" this book was really good because it told me a lot about Cal Ripken Jr. and about the troubles he went through, through his career and while he was continuing the "Streak", it had some quotes about him, and the many positive things people said about him and all the support his Parents and his family gave him and to keep him going. One of the quotes that I thought helped him the most was when he said " Without my families support, I don't think i ever could of got through this without them".

Cal Ripken is a very important player in the MLB. He has set so many records that you can't really name them all. But I will name not all of them, but just the 3 most important ones. He has been golden glove, All-star, and MVP.

His Career started off with his outstanding ratio for a shortstophe was given a Golden Glove. What is this achievement? This is the award that you get you are the best at your position and you rarely miss anyhting or make any errors. Cal has achieved this award many of times. He was golden glove because of his .986 fielding percentage in 1991.He also led the major leagues with 114 double plays. Golden glove is one of the hardest awards to achieve because there are so many other players that are good because they are all professionals and to get this award is telling you that you are the"Best-of-the-Best" of your position, and by far he was the best.

Next comes all-star. All-star is a very hard achievement to get because you got to be the best and catch the eye of the allstar coaches. Cal, along with some other players, has been in every All-star game in his whole life of playing the sport. In the 1991 All-star game at Toronto, Cal hit the game winning home run. When he hit that homerun, he made the American league win 4 to 2. In that All-star game Cal played Shortstop and also played Third Base.

One of his greatest achievements are his record for Consecutive Games. Cal has not missed one game his whole life until last year. That is one of the greatest achievements that any Pro. Baseball player can achieve. The final number of consecutive games was 2,321. The record he broke was 2,131 and set by baseball legend Lou Gehrig. The record that he broke may not seem like a great record but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication because he he played when he was sick and he played without any injuries for 2,321 games. Many players cannot even play a season without getting hurt, that is 14 seasons he played with/without sickness, injury and the tiredness he gets mentally.

In conclusion, Calvin Edward Ripken Jr. in my mind and everyone who loves baseball is one of the best baseball players ever. Now to you he may not be. But really I don't care. He will always be a part of history at least in the mind of many people as long as Baseball is around. If you want to read a good book about any Baseball Player, they should get a book about Cal Ripken Jr. because he is one of the greatest players ever to play the game.

Author-Richard Sullivan, New York-NY,
"The Streak", Grosset & Dunlap Inc.