I. Main Characters
A. Gawaine
1. Eldest of Gaheris, Gareth, and Agravaine.
2. Grandson of Uther Pendragon and Igraine
3. Didnít want to kill the unicorn that the other brothers killed.
B. Gareth
1. Youngest of the four brothers.
2. Grandson of Uther Pendragon and Igraine
3. Didnít want to kill the unicorn
C. Agravaine
1. Second eldest of the four brothers
2. Grandson of Uther Pendragon
3. Killed the unicorn
4. Bully of the four children
D. Gaheris
1. Second eldest of the four brothers
2. Grandson of Uther Pendragon and Igraine
3. A stolid child , and a follower of the brothers
E. Merlyn
1. Powerful magician
2. Tutorís King Arthur through the battles
3. Told King Arthur about the future (of his kingship)
4. Pacifist(how war is bad)
F. Arthur
1. King of England
2. his features are: fair hair, faithful expression, and kind
3. Owner of the Excalibur
4. In love with Guinivere
G. Kay
1. Foster brother of Arthur
2. Kind to Arthur
3. Is a knight
H. King Pellinore
1. In search of the Questing Beast
2. Marries Queen Morgause
3. Found the Questing Beast, but lost it to Palomides
I. Palomides
1. Dressed up as the Questing Beast
2. Tries to please King Pellinore
3. Questing Beast falls in love with him
J. Sir Grummore
1. Knight of the Round Table
2. Tries help Pellinore to find the Questing Beast
3. Is a brave knight
II. Setting
A. Place
1. Castle Tintangel
2. Lord Lot's land
B. Time
1. Medieval times
2. Feudal system in place
3. Arthur is now in his late teens

III. Plot Summary
A. Beginning
The most interesting part of book two was when Queen Morgause
boiled the cat. She put the cat in a cauldron with boiling water. The
cat gave some horrible convulsions and a dreadful cry. She boiled it as a
method of becoming invisible. Merlyn continues to give Arthur advice.
The advice this time is about how Arthur should run his kingdom.
B. Middle
The most interesting part in the middle of book two was when the
kids had heard of their mother killing a unicorn. This made them decide
to go try to kill a unicorn themselves. They went to try to kill a unicorn.
When they got there, they used Meg to lure the unicorn over, because
unicorns usually come to lonely girls. When the unicorn comes, all the
kids realize what a beautiful and noble animal it is. Suddenly they do not
want to kill it. Even though they do not want to kill it, Agravaine still
spears the unicorn against Gareth's cries. After the unicorn is dead, they
cut its head off since they do not have a pony to take it back on. The
kids thought they would receive great praise from people, but they did not
receive any praise at all.
C. End
In the end of book two, King Pellinore is still hunting the Questing
Beast. Sir Grummore and Sir Palomides dress up as another Questing
Beast. Grummore thinks that Palomides is bumping him because it was
dark outside, and he could see nothing else. Palomides tells Grummore
that it is his tail. It turns out that it is the real Questing Beast. The real
Beast had fallen in love with Sir Grummore and Sir Palomides in their
Questing Beast costume.
VI. Conflicts
A. External conflicts
1. Man vs. Man
a. Arthur is at war with Sir Lot
b. Morgauseís children argued over who was going to kill the unicorn
2. Man vs. the unknown/nature
a. Pellinore is trying to capture the Questing Beast
b. Gareth and his brothers were figuring out a way to capture the unicorn
c. Palomides and Grummore try to get away from the Questing Beast that fell in
love with them
3. Man vs. Environment
a. Palomides and Grummore are trapped on the cliff while being chased by the
Questing Beast
b. The four kids canít drag the unicorn up the hill back to the castle
B. Internal Conflicts
1. Man vs. Fear
a. Arthur is afraid that he might lose the battle
b. Meg is afraid that the unicorn will hurt her
2. Man vs. Himself
a. Arthur questions the might is right theory
b. Arthur wonders why Merlyn wants him to fight in the war, even though
Merlyn is a pacifist.
V. Resolutions
A. External conflicts
1. Man vs. Man
a. Merlyn builds Arthur with confidence that he will win the war
b. After they saw the unicorn, they didnít want to