I\'m not Really Here

Josh Scott
English 1
Ms. Campbell
November 16, 1998
"\'I\'m Not Really Here"
By: Tim Allen

Plot: Tim Allen is left alone for the weekend while his family has gone camping with the girl scouts. He gets a call from "Celebrity Cars" at the last minute saying that they need a replacement, Tim accept and checks out his car. He finds that the only thing that is missing is the hood ornament. He knows he has to have it to finish the car so he starts searching for it. He looks throughout the house and can\'t find it. So he goes out and searches the Home Improvement set hoping he might have brought it to work. But unfortunately it was not there. So he calls his "Car Guy" but he still does not have it. So he goes for a drive to help him think. He pulls up to a red-light and sits and thinks hit looks over at the side of the road and there is a homeless guy that has started walking towards his car. He turns to see the light is green and stomps the gas. Within seconds he is inches away from hitting a lady and carriage walking across the street. He swerves and hits the curb. He sits there thinking about the life he could have just taken. The lady walks by with a look of disgust and walks away. He slowly backs away from the curb heads towards his house slower that usual and stops in his driveway and just sits in his car. Thinking about his like and what is going on. His slowly walks inside and starts up his computer. He signs onto the Internet. "You Have Mail!", Chimes and he reads the message from a mysterious man called Tao/Man who Tim has never heard of. The message scares Tim because it tells him about his own life. He thinks it is just a practical joke but he is proven wrong. Tim sign\'s off and decides to get away from it all and lay down for some rest. He goes to grab a snack and realize he needs some food. So he goes to the grocery store and buy some meat and stuff. He walks out and sees the same man on the sidewalk that he had seen on the side of the road. He gives him a dollar and hurries on his way. He goes home and eats a sandwich, but the Tao/Man drive him insane so he goes back on the Internet. He searches for the name but there is no answer and it says he is off-line. He goes to a car chat room and begins chatting when he get a message from Tao/Man. Tao man clears the room and begins telling Tim about Physics and science fiction, Tim listens to all of it and Finds out it is somebody that he had already knew. He says good-bye as Laura and Katy walk in. They tell him about the trip and he tells them about the weekend. Katy knew exactly where the hood ornament was and he decided he didn\'t even like it so he decided to make a new one on his own!

Characterization: The main character in my story was Tim Allen. He is a Movie/T.V. Star. He has starred in many movies and has him own television Show. But sometimes he wishes he could just get out of it all. Be a normal human, everyday person. Everybody notices him in large crowds and anywhere else he goes. Many people ask for his autograph or occasionally a picture with him, Which his fine with doing but does get old.
His life has changed and he has started reading long physics books trying to figure his life out. He is going through his mid-life crisis and need to keep his life straight.
Laura is the second main character and help Tim get through his problems. She is the mother of Tim\'s only daughter, Katy. She is the person that keeps the house together.
Katy is the third most talked about character in the story. She is Tim and Laura\'s only child. She is very lovable and onhery and loves to get in trouble.

Theme: The