I live in the United States of America, and I am proud to be American. I do not believe our
society is progressing and thriving. In contrast, I believe our nation is apathetic, arrogant, and sinful. The
crisis is a loss of confidence on our part, a general feeling to do bad things, and growing moral neutrality.
My Grandfather talks about a time when people, families, and communities, stuck together. These same
people went to church on Sundays, had cookouts in their back yard, and gave to charity. To me that is the
"American Dream."
Carter believes that our society has lost confidence (397). "The erosion of our confidence in the
future is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of America" (Carter 397). Carter like
many people in America believes that we the people need to get back to our roots, and take control of our
lives (397). "Too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption" (Carter 397).
American's do not want to work, pay bills, or give to others. A part of the United States would rather sit at
home and collect welfare. That way of thinking will have to stop if we are remain a prominent country.
"We've got to stop crying and start sweating; stop talking and start walking; stop cursing and start praying"
(Carter 398). Above all we need to hold on tight to our faith.
"Wilding" has become a term used to describe your children and their generation. "Wilding" also
describes many American's that are out just to make a quick buck any way they can (Derber 411).
Demented behavior is a better characterization of this "wilding," and this attitude is the black cloud Carter
was forecasting.
Within minutes, Carol Stuart, eight months pregnant, was dead, shot point blank in the head. Her husband,
a stunned nation would learn from police accounts two months later, was her assassin. He had allegedly
killed her to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance money and open a restaurant.
Opening a restaurant, Americans everywhere learned, had long been Chuck Stuart's American Dream
(Derber 412).

"If things are so good, then why do we think that they are so bad? The short answer is that we
think they are bad because they are bad" (Himmelfarb 440). Divorce is up, narcotic addition is up, and our
education system is "intellectually lower than ever before" (Himmelfarb 441). Himmelfarb believes that
our society is apathetic and immoral.
Bill Clinton said in best in his Inaugural Address. "It is time to break the habit of expecting
something from nothing, from our government or from each other" (Clinton 447). However, Carter was
right about self-indulgence and this country lack of values. I wish the answers were as easy as a Sunday
barbecue, but life is hard.