I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings : Maya Angelou

I do not really like "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" , because it does not interest me. I like the author's writing style, but the subject the author writes about does not interest me at all. I don't like reading about how life was for Maya Angelou as she was growing up. I would rather read books that make me say in my mind, "What if that happened now" like The Hot Zone. That book was more interesting to me than this book.
My favorite scene in this book so far, is when Maya Angelou writes about her Uncle Willie pretending that he was not crippled in front of the couple that came from Little Rock. The main reason why I liked this scene the most, is because I like how Maya Angelou described her uncle pretending not to be crippled by standing erect at the counter. Although I liked many other scenes in this book, such as when Maya Angelou writes about how much she loved pineapples, this is my favorite scene that I can recall.
Maya Angelou's Uncle Willie interests me the most in this book. He interests me the most out of all the other characters, because it makes me think about how my life would be if I were crippled like he was.
At this point the only ideas that intrigue me, are being crippled like Uncle Willie and what Uncle Willie would have to do if the Klan was coming. The reason why what Uncle Willie would have to do if the Klan was coming intrigues me, is because it makes me think about what I would be feeling if I were in his position. I would be very scared and nervous if I would have to get into a bin and were covered with potatoes and onions and just wait hoping I wouldn't be found.
I really have no idea why my class is reading this book. The only thought that comes to mind when I am asked that question, is that we are reading this book to improve our reading skills and to get a better understanding of what life was like back then.
The only thing that has surprised me so far in this book, is how racist people still were at that time. It is very surprising to find out that how racist people were actually affected Maya Angelou into thinking almost the same way others thought. For instance, in the beginning of this book when Maya Angelou wrote about one day her waking up having blonde hair and blue eyes and then everyone would be asking her for forgiveness just because of that.
In my opinion, I don't like this book. I don't like this book just because of the subject the author writes about. I really like the author's writing style and how descriptive she can be, but if she had only wrote about another subject. I think this is a great book, but it just isn't right for me.