I had picked this book because of the rave reviews. The many people who had read this book
before I, they told me it was a great book. I was a little hesitant to read the book, "The Runaway Jury" at
first. I have read some of the other John Grishom books before, I did not find them all that interesting. This
book takes place in the early 1990’s. The main plot in this novel is the fight against tobacco. This book
reveals a court case in which, a jury member is running the minds of the other 12 jury persons. Although
not hurting the persons an any one way, the one jury member had told lies to get a certain settlement. This
settlement is a major one because it will decide the fate of the rest of the world’s people. And also tobacco
One of the may conflicts in this novel is the conflict between what many people find right, and
what many people find wrong. This conflict continues through out the book through the eyes of an
individual controlling the fate of this conflict. The conflict that is running through out the entire story is
what do you find right. In this book you are torn between the people and the tobacco companies, whom
should you choose? This book is a court case where the people are suing the tobacco companies. Through
out the book you are brought to believe both sides of the stories. The person in seat number six has to
decide the fate of the whole jury. This individual has the outside contacts and the right mind to decide for
either side. The person who sits in seat number six had something brought to the attention of him-self. That
person was offered a certain amount of money to decide for the tobacco companies. This individual had
taken the money and had done a wild thing. This wild th!
ing is a smart thing and a dumb thing all in one. The thing, if caught could give you prison time. Without
telling the whole story and ending, here is a summary. He had told both sides that he could get them either
decision they wanted. He could do that too. So what happened was that the tobacco companies gave this
individual Ten million dollars to get the settlement. The settlement came through as the tobacco companies
wanted. But the funny thing was that the person who took the money gave it back.

What he had done was invest in the tobacco companies and when the verdict came through the stock prices
went through the roof. He had made more money then he had started with and did not even steal from the
tobacco companies, nor take a bribe from them. He gave the money back.
In conclusion, I thought that the book "The Runaway Jury" was a great book. Thought out the book it had
my complete attention. I recommend this book to all the upper teens and the adults. This book does have
adult situations and adult language. Inspite of that it was a great book.