I. Greek Forerunners (before)

1500 B.C. 1. Minoan Civilization, (they were peaceful) ( No walls, defensive)
A) Crete (Island)- located-Great weather,soils good.
B) Shipbuilders, Art, Export-good out. knossos-(Evans dug up the city)
800 rooms, running water, toilets (Equality-valued women)
400 B.C. 2. City-States
A) Pois is a city state-Mts. divided up Greece!
B) Athens-Culture Sparta-WAR

3. Spartan Society-Land Locked
A) Sparties- original inhabitants-run sparta
B) Perioikoi-Neighbor- merchants-craftsman
C) Helots-slaves-Dothework

4. Paranoid-Africa-Spartites are the Minority
A) Totalitarian State-Total Control
B) Life in Sparta-Womb to the Tomb
- Child is inspected-put to death
- At age 7-taken from family-belongs to state- reading, writing
- Steal extra food! Punishment Public
- Age 12-13- cloak- Lived on the move
- Women were to produce children for Sparta
- Age 20 Barracks
- No Coins-Iron Bars
- No Art

I. Athenian Society
A) Athens-Port City Trading
*1. Acropolis-High Hill
*2. Pathenon-Temple to Athena
*3. Agora-Market Place
B) Type of government
1. Aristocracy-Small group of people who rule for the common good
2. Oligarchy-Rule by a few selfish reason
3. Tyranny-One person complete control
4. Democracy-People Rule
C) Reformers
1. Solon 594 B.C.-Wise
A) Court of appeals
B) Canceled debt
2. Pericles 461 B.C.
A) Golden Age-High water mark by Athens
B) Elections by lot-Paid for doing it.
Direct Democracy-Everyone can be involved

2nd Persian Invasion
Xerces-480 B.C. Invade Greece
Themopyle-Pass Mt./Guard by 300 Spartans. 7,000 allies
Leonidas-Spartan leader-Hold the pass

Persian Wins Battle-Athens get burned
Salamus-Naval Battle-Greek U.S.
Persian-Literally the Greeks win Persian out!
Delian League-Athens-protect all City-States for money.
Pelponnesian War- Sparta vs. Athens- 27 years
Athenís Plague! Sparta Wins

I. Alex the Great
1. Philip (father), Olympias (mother)-Alex only 13 years old, in army,...dies 33
From Macedonia- No. Greece
A) Aristotle-teacher to Alex- mind & body
B) Philip- Divorces (Olympias- Alex) Philip Conquering Greece
C) Death- Philip is killed

II. Alexander (Age 20) inherit all of Greece (Thehes)
A) Purges-get rid of- Alex kills baby and mother
B) 35,000 Troops-Disciplined/ great workers, Alex
always put himself in great danger
C) Daruis III- Persian Leader (Alex mergertle (Persia) cultures)
D) Alex-go to India, noting there, he dies at 33, empire divides up
fishing over
E) Hellenistic Period- After Alexander merging of Greek and Persian Culture