I expect to receive knowledge that can not be taught in any classroom or read in any book. ‘When I go to college I expect to learn the fundamental skills of life’. In college I hope pick up the skills of responsibility, working people, managing time, a
have a better view on how to managing money. College exposure will teach a variety of fields that you might be interested in, but everyday life won’t use those skills.
Responsibility will probably be one of the first skills I pick up in college. For the first time I will be following out your life long dream of living away from home. At first, it will seem like all fun and games until the reality that I am on my ow
sinks in. To most, this comes as a surprise and causes some panic, but to others this is another obstacle in life that must be achieved. When faced with the danger of “on your own”, I must realize that I must do something: clean, cook, and other every
y jobs are not taken for granted anymore. Responsibility is one of the first steps in becoming successful in the real world.
Being faced with the demand to sharpen people skills, or the ability to inter act with people that are not know. Once unpacked and the family leaves, I must try to put forth an effort to be on good terms with your roommate. When that is established,
is impeccable to leave the dorm and speak to other colleagues. If this is not done, the outside world of friends and parities will not exist. Working with people is just another important tool of life that you have aquired under your belt.
When school is on the roll and classes have started, it is significant and unavoidable that time management be installed in your collection of skills. Faced with a demanding schedule each day finding time for each priority is a necessity. When it see
that time is always running out, it only means that priorities in the daily schedule are not straight. Mastering this trait could take all four years, but it is a necessity to get the priorities straight. This is a crucial element in life and is not
ught, so it is a must for it to be developed.
Out of all the classes to take and diligently study for only about one of these classes you will use on a regular basis after college. Out of the skills acquired that are not taught, they will all be used on an everyday basis. Concluding, when wantin
an important career, it is not what is gotting out of the courses you take, but more of what is gotting out of college itself.