I came to this country in July, 94. I spent some time in learning life-style, traditions, and learning English in a country where I knew nothing. Because I came here when I was in eight grade, I put my self in to school with little knowledge of English. While wondering in highly ambitious atmosphere were fellow classmates have sparkling dreams, I also developed the hunger within myself to pursue a degree. Out of many choices of careers, I choose to be a electrical engineer for following reasons.
My choosing Electrical engineering as a career has history of my own interests and little experience in the related field. Back in India, my father bought one of those electrical kits, where I can make my own circuits and electrical related things. It was somewhat tough to learn the signs of the electric parts, but I found interesting then. In United States, where there is very advance field in technology I could not show my talent because it was very common for every one to know basic of electrical field.
Second, career as a electric engineering is a very demanding job these days. Regardless of political and economical instabilities, electrical profession has which held very firm job markets all these years. Apart form the other field settings, the competitions among the talent or knowledge; there is a huge job market for the feature of electric engineering in community or at companies across the world. Since it is very demanding job, it would allow me to hold good paying steady job that, in terms, would enable me to afford the best comfort that the world has to offer.
Lastly, my decision to become electric engineer has to do with pride in having working for a good company. My being in school hasnít given me pleasure of self-worthiness, an I am sure that after becoming electric engineering, I would be able to maintain my self-respect by serving mankind. Moreover, a degree acquired through hard work would be good enough reason form my family to take proud of me.
In short, I am taking very sincere step by choosing electric engineering as a career. Career as a electing engineering is a very responsible job which would allow me to after my best service to society, and thus I am picking University of Houston, for I have worked very hard to support myself and to enable myself to apply to university of Houston. I still have a semester before I enter to a college. In this time I will try my best to make myself good enough to face challenges at University of