I believe that the Native American had all the rights to their land that the settlers took from them. I don’t know what was going though the minds of the settlers that leteraly kick them off their land. I’m know that if they dident do what they did that a lot of things of would be different now, But Its hard for me to contemplate how people can think there way is so much better than someone else’s that the try to completely eliminate the different peoples way.

The Settler that came into the Indians territory ,(excuse me if I get politically incorrect) Came with completely different prospective than the natives. I don’t know how things were back then but I still don’t understand how they could think that they were so much better that the Indians. As not only to try and teach them the so called “right way”, but they separated families .

In the movie the “Were The Spirit Lives”, there was two young Indian children that were fooled into a plane, and then taking to a place completely new to them. They were expected to learn the “right way” and to never speak their Native language. I don’t know what I personally would do, I cant imagine what to think. The Two children were soon separated and all they had were memories. They slowly started the program that the were obtained against the will to take. It was clear that they dident want to do what was planed for them. They stayed with it trying only once to excape, after enough was taken they finally dicide to break out for good, after hearing that their family wasent dead after all. In the end it made me think a lot more about what actual happened back then, and it made me mad. In a way I have to be thankful that what happened , happened because I have a great life. I Thank God for not bringing me into this world when all this was happening, I don’t think I would have the heart to do that.