I am writing a report about Fidel Castro. He is famous for taking

Control of Cuba in 1959 and established a communist dictatorship. He was

Born in Mayari on August 13,1927. As a boy he worked in his family sugar

Plantation. Castro went to the University of Havana in 1945 and got his

Degree in law in 1950. Castro married Mirta Diaz Balart. They only had one

Son and soon after they had their son his wife divorced him in 1955. As a

Lawyer he defended the poor and he was a candidate for the Cuban

He did not get in congress because Batista canceled the elections. Castro and

His brother Raul bought guns out of their pockets for 150 people. They

Assaulted an army barracks in Santiago de Cuba. They went to jail for it and

Castro went in to exile. They reorganized and about 80 people were killed in

Another fight. Castro and other survivors escaped in to mountains. For two

Years they escaped guerrila firing. The dictator that was in Cuba fled in

January 1,1959 because his army collapse, and unable to count on the

Support of the United States. This made they way for Castro’s rise to power.

Castro declared that Cuba would not be ruled by dictator, but his

Government was a communist dictatorship. He had his enemies excuted and

filled the jails for being disloyal to him. Castro took over property that was

Owned by United States. On April 1961 Cubans exiled to the United States.

United States invaded Cuba in attempt to overthrow Castro. Castro and his

Forces defeated them at the Bay of Pigs. Castro was able to consolidate his

Power. Cuba aligned itself with the Soviet Union, which granted Cuba

Massive economic, technical, and military assistance. In 1979 he was elected

Chairman of the nonaligned nations movement, a position that gained him

Some international prestige. Castro believes that he has a revolution duty to

Fight imperialism in the developing world. He remains a critic of the U.S

Foreign policy. The contribution that he made to the Spanish speaking world

Is helping to defend the poor and becoming a chairman of the Nonaligned

Nations Movement