I am going to compare two great leaders. One from this century, and one from the
reign of Caesar. It is interesting to see how through out history that all the great dictators
thought alike. Though they might differ in details all of them basically followed the same
pattern. And I think that is the case with Caesar and Fidel.

One of the main similarities between Caesar and Fidel is their early life.
Both leaders came from middle class families. Each leader had to work his way up the
ladder. Caesar made the first step in 80 B.C. when he showed conspicuous bravery at the
siege of Mytilene. Fidels first step was when he led an unsuccessful attack on the
Moncada army barraks which gained him national attention. Both men continued to reach
the top of the ladder.

To become the sole leaders of their countryís both men had to get rid of the
old leaders. Both men had to drive leaders out of office. Fidel led a revolt against Falgecio
Batista, who when lost the support of the U.S. backed away and let Fidel in. Caesar had
problems to, he had to defeat the famous Pompey. Caesar chased him into Egypt and then
had to fight Pompey and Cleopatra.

Both Fidel and Caesar where geniuses. Not only where they great military
leaders, they were great politicians. Both used propaganda to help become dictators.
They used something to blame everything on. Fidel used the U.S. for everyone to hate.
And Caesar used slavery to increase in popularity.

Though both leaders had to overtake a dictator but they did it in different
ways. Fidel used only violence and threats to make Batista leave. Caesar on the other
hand had to defeat Pompey, and then get voted in by the people. He did this by gaining
popularity by attacking other countries and defeating them.

Another big difference was the countryís they overtook. Fidel took over
Cuba which is a poor country. Being a poor country, and being under terrible times, the
Cuban people were influenced easily. Caesar took over the Roman Empire which was
massively rich and powerful. The people turned to Caesar quickly though when they saw
how powerful he was.

What I believe is the biggest difference is how long they stayed popular.
Caesar was very popular for a long time. Brutus said that he loved him all the time, except
when he became ambitious. When he became ambitious the conspirators murdered him.
Fidel on the other had is apparently still popular. He has been Cubanís dictator through
twelve United States presidents!

I believe it is easy for me to compare any of the great leaders through out
time. Fidel and Caesar are no exception they both were ambitious and became leaders.

They used propaganda and force to become the dictators. The story is always the same
though there is always differences!