nine lifestyles
A. between Eight an nine hours of sleep per night
ēweeknights with out homework, i usually go to bed around 10 and wake
up at 6:30. so i get about 8 1/2 hours of sleep. nights with a lot of home-
work, i sometimes get as little as 5 and as much as 8. on the weekends
i work at Galyans and my shifts change, if i work the early shift on sat
from 9-5, i usually get about 6 hours of sleep, cause when i get home on
Fri night, i usually go on AOL and talk to alot of people until around 1 or
2, then i wake up at 8. but if i work a later shift like noon or later, i
usually get 8 - 10 hours of sleep. i never work on sun, so i can stay up
late sat night, and get up late, again i usually get 8-10 hours of sleep.
B. 3 meals a day at regular times
ēon weekdays, i usually eat my 3 meals at regular times, breakfast before
school around 7:15, lunch around noon, and dinner before 7. on the
weekends itís diffrent cause everyone is doing diffrent things, but i try
to get my 3 meals. sundays i usually do, cause my family eats dinner
C. No smoking
ēi donít smoke, and i probally never will cause iíve seen the affect it has on
people, my parents, and siblings, and relatives
D. Daily Breakfast
ēi eat breakfast everyday, especially on school days, i couldnít go until
noon with out eating, i would starve to death. i usually eat breakfast on
sat before work, but if i get up late, like after 11 , i only eat a bannana or
some other fruit, then i eat lunch like an hour or so later. Sun i always
eat breakfast, my mom makes eggs every sunday.
E. Moderate Aerobic Excercise daily, or at Least 3 - 4 Times a Week
ēi work out everyday after school in the weightroom and i run. I usually do a variety of exercises. on the weekends i go to ballys total fitness at the hub. The advantage to going there instead of the weightoom is they have more equipment, i swin on a regular basis.
F. Minimum use of Alcohol
ēi donít drink, and i probally never will cause iíve seen the affect it has on
people; my parents, and siblings, and relatives
G. Maintain recommended weight
ēmy recommended weight for a 5 foot 9.25 inch person is anywhere from 154-162 lbs. i weigh 158lbs, so iím right in the middle. so thats good
H. Accidents
ēiím a pretty safe driver i think, i donít screw around a lot. i think i do a
little, so that could cause an accident, but other than that, i think iím
safe. My family doesnít fly often so thatís not really an issue. I canít
really say anything about any other accidents, people have died falling
out of bed, so i canít really predict or be causious about that.
I. Stress
ēAs a student i do have a lot of stress. i try not to let it get to me, but alot
alot of times it does. with homework, and pressure from my parents, it
does build up, but i still try and have fun at all times.

on my mothers side there is heart disease, cancer (lung, breast) my great grandfather had diabetes.
on my dads side there is breast cancer, colon cancer. and heart disease.


1-27-82 DPT booster, polio vaccine
3-26-83 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella
7-18-87 DPT booster, polio vaccine
8-30-95 Td booster

i think that my health is good. i excercise regularly, i eat 3 meals. however
i could get more sleep at night. i donít drink, smoke, or do drugs so there
isnít anything that would cut my life short.then there are those days where
iím just lazy. i always take an excalator if available, i wish that the school
had excalators. but they donít.

in conclusion, i think that my health is better than most. i know iím more
active than most kids in my grade. i work out regularly. my workout
consist of lifting weights and using the Nautilus system at Ballys. I often
swim, and sometimes do water aerobics. but not very often.i eat pretty healthy, but