When travelling from the edge of the CBD to the outer edge of the outer suburbs :-

(a) The age of the housing gets younger,

(b)Housing density decreases and styles of housing changes,

(c) The quality of the environment improves.

In order to test the hypothesis I conducted a survey on every third building on both sides of the road from St. Patrickís Church on Thorntree Road all the way to Millbank Lane, the total distance from start to finish is approximately 1 mile and a total of 16 houses I surveyed which were roughly 150 metres apart. I noted whether the houses were Pre 1901 (Victorian), 1900-1918 (Edwardian), 1919- 1945 (Inter-War) or 1946+ (Modern) I also noted the style of the housing; terraced, semi-detached, detached or bungalow, I noted how many floors the building had and I noted itís purpose; public building, residential, office, service, vacant, industry, wasteland shop or entertainment facility. Also approximately every 150 metres I performed an environmental survey, answering a series of eight questions: 1. Maintenance o street, paving, grass and litter, 2. Provision for car parking, play spaces and garages, 3. Private open spaces, quality of gardens 4. Accesibility to town centre, local services such as buses, 5. Visual quality of area e.g. landscaping and trees, 6. Daylight amount, effect of nearby buildings on sunlight penetration, 7. Interference by smells, vandalism, smoke, noise and traffic and 8. Maintenance of property and walls. After I had gathered all the required information I analysed it