Huxley's Brave New World

This book begins in 632 A.F. (After Ford.) The world we know now has experienced a huge loss due to a devastating war. Somehow they had to regain control to the numbers and genders of the people. They also have to listen to their supply and demand. A system is created, which consists five castes. The better roles go to the higher caste and the dreadful ones go to the lower castes.

They control their population by adjusting the number of test-tube births and another process for multiplying the embryos. These embryos will be grown up to be the lower caste. Power is brought to this world by the World Controllers and peace through conditioning all the young to think alike and to dispense soma, (a tranquilizer) to the older folk.

Henry Foster and Lenina Crowne are two employees who work at the London hatcheries. They are dating but since it is against the rules there to date one person she starts to date others. Bernard Marx is the new man she is dating. He invites her to the Savage Reservation. This is a high-class reservation and while there they stumble upon John the Savage and Linda his mom. She was brought to this reservation long ago by Tomakin (the director of the hatcheries.) There she gave birth to John, and because of this she can't return to Utopia.

Bernard then get permission from Mustapha Mond (controller of Western Europe) to bring him back to Utopia. While there Bernard and Helmholtz Watson take John under their wing. Lenina likes John and finds him very attractive. Because of this John losses all respect for her. Soon after Johns mother dies and he goes bezerk and tries to lecture the Utopians back to sanity. After this Mustapha Mond calls the three up to him. He dismisses Helmholtz and Bernard but John has to stay behind. He needs to escape so he runs to a deserted spot outside of London. The Utopians then come to him and hound him. He then falls victim to the very things he hated of the Utopians. When he comes to his senses he finds the only way out is suicide.