Hundreds of years ago racism was played out a much different way than in
the present day. Then, blacks were mistreated, bought and sold as common goods.
Women were allowed to hold a minimal amount of jobs, if any. Since then there
have been revolutionary changes. Today slavery is outlawed in most of the world,
as it is in the United States. And women are given so-called “equal” rights and job
opportunities. Present day, however, racism has a new face. We no longer hold
blacks and other minorities as possessions, but some still see them as inferior.
Women can participate in almost every profession, but are paid less and looked
down upon. Though much progress has been made, minorities are still looked
down upon.

For example, African-Americans are still not treated fairly. Sure there are
laws forbidding any form of segregation, but through loop-holes many are still
treated as out-casts. One way this is practiced is in schooling. African-American
children are just as capable as any other student in America, yet because of the
color of their skin, there is an excuse made for why they can not attend a school.
How is this possible? What about the anti-segregation law? Aren’t all men created
equally? Many great men and women have worked to eliminate this type of
harassment, but a law can not change the way people think. Still today many
parents teach their children at an early age to hate someone who is different.
Racism can be found even in the work place. It is a fact that on an average, the
average Black male makes less than the average white male. Why can’t adults grow

Another example of a prejudice in America is against women. Men have
tried to hold women lower than them. Many men think of women as nothing more
than home makers. Many men find it intolerable that women are allowed to do the
same difficult jobs as themselves. Even after women were granted equal rights in
the Constitution, men still hold a grudge that puts women on a lower pedestal.
Time and time again women have had to prove their equality; they still today can
not get fair treatment. As with Blacks, women earn, on an average, about 25
percent less than males. It is true women lack the same physical stamina than men,
but a woman can do many forms of work just as or even more efficiently than a
man. So why is it that women are held with such a low status? It’s because young
men and women are taught that it is just the way it is supposed to be from an early
age. Parents don’t even realize that by giving their children the stereotyped “boys”
toys to boys and “girls” toys to girls, that they set an impression in young peoples
minds. They show them at an early age that boys and girls are not meant to do the
same things.

Over the years much progress has been made to eliminate prejudice. Many great
historical people like Martin L. King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and
Elizabeth Seton have put timeless hours of work into equal rights. Some of those
losing their lives for what they strongly believed. Great leaps forward have been
made by this great nation to secure equal rights for all. Still though, people hold
prejudices against minorities for reasons such as color of skin or gender. These
prejudices are sometimes held without really sound reason, but still many people
hold them as convictions. One big reason for the hate is fear. Many people, out
insecurity, try to raise themselves by pushing others down. As one looks around,
the surface of everything looks fine. If one looks deeper, one discovers that
everything is not how it appears to be. One could walk down a street and hear
racial and sexist slurs around just about every corner. In society today, instead of
addressing the problem, we try to ignore it and hope it heals itself. However, it will
not. As a nation we have to come together, face the problem, and work for a
solution. Like our ancestors we have to work for a better future for ourselves and
for those who are segregated by society.