Human Sexuality
My sexuality began in my mother's womb after conception and continued thereafter on May 23, 1978 with my twin
sister. Although my twin and I have many similarities we are fraternal due to opposite genders. I probably began to
realize my gender as a male while my parents use to change me and I began to explore my own body.
Growing up as a male was something I considered very special and powerful to me. I often looked up to other
significant males in my life. It was extremely easy for me to recognize the differences between the male and female
gender because I was able to compare myself to my twin sister. To me, a male was someone who was both
physically and mentally strong. He was responsible for providing for his family and was the support for the family
through thick and thin. I realized that one day I would have to take on these roles and responsibilities just as my
father did.
At a young age I was able to notice significant differences between children of the female and male genders. From
having a sister I inferred that all girls were suppose to play with dolls, wear dresses and do their make-up. Although
I used to interact a lot with my twin sister, during my early years I did not feel much attraction towards girls. At the
age of about the age of ten I began to realize that girls were positive and began to feel some type of attraction
towards them. This attraction continued to grow stronger as I matured through my adolescent stages. It wasn't long
before I gained an understanding for the concept of "relationship" between sexes.
Slackman 2
As I child I remember the onset of puberty and sexual feeling very distinctly. At about the age of fourteen I decided
to go to the movies with a girl in my class. We we're watching the movie and holding hands. All of a sudden she
began to rub my penis over my pants and I was astonished as to how good this felt. From then on sexual interactions
with that of the opposite gender began to continue. I also began to explore my body in a different way then before.
This was because my body had been undergoing hormonal changes. I seemed embarrassed to talk about this with my
parents because I thought that I was abnormal until a couple of years later when I mentally matured and was more
open with my sexuality and sexual feelings.
My sexual interactions began to advance further and further with girls as we became more comfortable with one
another and our relationships began to progress. I knew that I was not the only one going through these changes.
Throughout the stages of puberty my body began to become something very personal to me. I found it to be
extremely uncomfortable for me to speak with my parents about my sex life although I realize that they were once
young and curious too.
Around the age of sixteen I began to feel a little more comfortable with my dad and whenever I went out with a girl
he would always ask me if I needed the "protection talk". these moments were always very awkward and my
immediate reply would be that I am okay and everything was under control.
Slackman 3
I first became aware of my parents sexuality around the age of seven. I realized how humans are created. This
subject was touched upon in school and enforced more at home by my parents reading books to my sister and I. I
guess that my parents began to
teach us about this topic because my mother was pregnant with my younger sister at the time. It was necessary for
my parents to teach us because my mothers body was going through drastic physical changes. Prior to this I noticed
my parents sexuality by walking into their bedroom and observing my mother and father naked prior to taking a
I learned significant differences from peers of the opposite genders in my teenage years. This included physical and
mental changes. I learned that girls were more conscious as to the way the