Human Growth and Development

Tyler Selk
Reflection Paper (EC)
March 1, 1999

Through my early childhood years of my life, I, like all kids, was different in many ways. Children experience many changes through their early childhood years. What kids experience during the early childhood years offer foundation to what type of citizens they will become. Some kids might have relatives who are about the same age, but at this age, most children first encounter with other boys and girls of the same age. Many things can be determined about children at this age. I find that what I was like at that age could have easily determined what type of person I would and have become.
I was very different physically from other children my age at the early childhood stage of my life. I did not attend early childhood preschool, but I come from a family of nine and it was easy to determine how I fit in physically. I was always taller than my older brother growing up and am now the tallest of all the people in my family. In my first couple of years of grade school also helped me determine how I compared physically to other children my age. I was taller and heavier than most kids my age and even kids a year or two older in school. I was about as strong as kids who were a couple of years older- as determined playing football at recess. I was also very coordinated athletically for my age and as compared to others my age. All of my play had to do with athletics when I was younger. My family is very sports-minded, so my brothers and sisters had me started at an early age with sports. In most instances, I was comparable physically to kids a couple of years older than I was throughout my life.
Intellectually I was also much different from the other kids my age. I found myself very intelligent about some things and lacking some others. I knew a lot about sports for my age as far as names of players and teams. My intelligence in school was about average, maybe a little above average, but nothing to brag about. I was in the lower reading levels in first and second grade. However, I do remember getting the highest grade in the class because our teacher made a big deal out of it. I think it was exceptionally high, or something. I had no trouble with speech and language though. My best classes were always math classes and worst was science classes. As I look back, I think that I should have concentrated a little more on school and a little less on sports, but everyone has regrets.
I was very stable emotionally. I also think that my personality was inherited from my mother. My mom is a very upbeat and optimistic person, much like I am. However, when I was involved with competition, it was another story. I was very competitive, sometimes too much. I was also very quick tempered in competition and in play. The quick temper was something that, I would luckily grow out of. In my early childhood years I was a very content state of mind and more competitive.
Socially, I never had trouble adapting to new people or situations. I never had trouble getting along with other kids and that has been something that has stayed with me. Another thing I think that is easy to tell with young people is their leadership potential. I, for one, was always thought of as a leader. Another thing that was evident for me was my independence. I recall teacherís reports stating that I was a very independent person. My social skills are one thing that stayed with me.
Looking back, many of the beliefs that I have about the importance of a good background in the early childhood years were true for me also. I feel that tendencies that children have at a young age stay with them throughout their lives. Throughout my development as an individual, I find that things I learned during my early childhood years helped build the individual I am today.