Human Communciations

February 23, 2004

Human Communication


We are all members of a common society. Values, judgments, and perspectives in which our community holds easily influence us. In our social community in which we live, there are rules, roles, and attitudes that come from the generalized other. Society communicates to us in certain ways. Gender, race, sexual orientation, and class are main things that alter our societies views of individuals and our self worth. When these things clash with one another, problems may arise. These problems may arise among relationships. Each of these classifications interacts with one another in some way or another.

When a man and a woman meet, they might soon become better friends or even enemies. There are many attributes that may influence whether they become friends or not. This was easily seen in the class skit we put together. Two young students meet at college and soon fell in love. However they had a problem in the road ahead. The main problem was they came from families, each of a different class. The young lady came from a rich, snooty family that spends their time at country clubs and driving around nice cars. The young man came from a struggling family with little money and a drunk for a father. They two came to the conclusion that itís going to be tough to introduce each other to their families. The young man is worried what his girlfriend will think of his drunken father, and hopes he doesnít embarrass her. The young lady is worried that he wonít be good enough for her fatherís standards. She still tries hard to convince her father because she really loves him.

Her family wants her to attend a private Ivy League school instead of a crappy public school. They also want her to get friendly with Chip, who is a successful student at a private ivy school. They think Chip is a better fit for their daughter because he comes from a rich successful family as well. What her parents did, are what anyoneís parents would want for their children. They want to keep them with people that are just like themselves. In this case it is people who have the same backgrounds, make the same money, know the most popular people and drive the best cars. Eventually she ends up with neither of the two guys. Love is also a major factor in relationships and can affect a decision. The girl didnít give up, and tried to convince her father that Chip wasnít the right guy for her, and Dan was. This is how society can wreck a relationship. In this case, it is easily seen how money and social class influenced a relationship. Many times, this class barrier is too strong to break in this present day society. The rich mingle with the rich, and the poor stay with the poor. When is the last time you saw a guy in an Armony suit walking with a homeless person for some lunch? I canít ever recall a time. However I have seen it broken before. If theres one thing that can break a social class barrier, it is love. Love is a strong thing and can easily alter anyoneís decision no matter what the gender, race, sexual orientation, and class are.