Human Beauty

Human Beauty can be defined in many ways and can be described with different parts and categories. In this essay Iím going to write about the human beauty and the way that I can think of it. Human beauty is the nature of a human, the physical shape of a human and, the mysterious mind and thoughts or inner body of a human.

Humanís nature shows how humans are, how they are born and how they manage to live their everyday daily life. Humanís nature is a part of a humanís beauty because it differs humans and animals into separate ways and categories.

All around the world everyone or every human out there has his or her own culture and life style, and nature is what makes all these different cultures and ways of living in different part of the world which is a human beauty of its own.

Physical shape of a human is the most important part that people think of a humanís beauty. People usually judge others by looking at their looks and shape, their skin color, hair, eyes, weight, height andÖetc. A humanís physical shape and body is what makes people different from each other with different looks. Opposite sexes attract each other by the look of the body. The eyes of a human, the curves of a female body and the muscles of a male body is what makes the human physical beauty.

The mind and thoughts of a human is a real beauty of its own. Humans can have the best looks but not the right thinking and personality, in that case the physical beauty is not going to matter unless the mind of a person completes it. A humanís beauty is the brain of a human and the thoughts of a human that can make a big difference in a person. People communicate and understand each other by talking and thinking right by using their brain. Humans can use their brain to do a lot of things and make their selves creative unlike the animals. Humanís beauty is mostly their personality and their thoughts. There are people out there that their thoughts, their imagination, and their mind makes them an important person for which makes a humanís beauty.

In conclusion, every human has its own beauty in a special way, which can be either by looks and physical shape, by mind and thoughts or skills or by any kind of aspect. Humanís body and physical shape, humanís thoughts and mind, humanís special life style and nature is what I think of a human beauty.