Huckleberry Finn was adopted by Widow Douglas at the close of Tom
Sawyer, now 14 and living with her sister, Miss Watson. Miss Watson owns a
slave, Jim, and she is not very kind to him. Huck's blackguard father turns
up, having heard of the money Huck and Tom recovered from the cave of Injun
Joe. He demands the money as Huck's legal father. Huck places the money
with Judge Thathcer; his father kidnaps him and orisons him in an isolate
cabin. Huck fakes his own murder and escapes to hide in Jackson's Island.
There he meets Jim hiding also.
Chapter 1
Jim had overheard Miss Watson´s plans to sell him, Widow Douglas tried to
dissuade her but Miss Watson replied that she found the price she had been
offered irresistible. When Huck learns that his own 'murder' has been
blamed on Jim, they go to the river on a raft, going downstream to
Illinois. Huck's intention was to go to the Ohio River and go upstream to
the free states. But a fog envelopes the river and the raft floats down
past the junction with the Ohio and into the South. Then one steamboat hits
the raft and Huck and Jim have to swim for their lives. Huck swims to the
Kentucky bank where he is given hospitality by the slave-owning Grangerford

The Grangerford´s are arguing with the Shepherdson family; Buck
Grangerford, who is the same age as Huck and becomes his friend, explains
the argue to him, only leaving out its origin. In the fact, Buck does not
even know the origin, though he was a victim of one bloody gunfight. Jim
has reached land near the Grangerford house and been hidden and fed by the
family's slaves. After the gun battle, he and Huck depart on their salvaged
raft. They give refuge to two crooks, the "King" and the "Duke", and they
soon regret it. At various halts the swindlers engage in low-down cheating
and confidence tricks; on the raft their bullying makes life a misery for
Jim and Huck.. Huck is desperate to shake them off.

Chapter 2
Huck almost succeeds when he frustrates their plans to cheat the three Wilk
girls of their inheritance -but they manage to extricate themselves and
regain the raft. Then they sell Jim. The raft has reached Arkansas, where
Tom Sawyer's aunt, Sally, and Mrs. Phelps lives. With a faked "wanted"
notice offering $200 for Jim, they trade him for $40 to the Phelps family
and Jim is confined on the Phelps's farm. Huck has to decide what to do,
knowing that to rescue Jim will outlaw him forever from the only society he
knows. He decided to rescue Jim and consign to hell the consequences.

Chapter 3
Since Huck is supposed to be dead, he goes to Phelps's Farm and is welcomed
by Tom Sawyer, as he had expected. Then Tom himself turns up and provides
the subjection to physical suffering. But in fact Jim was really free all
the time and Tom knew it. Miss Watson had died and had freed him, she had
felt ashamed of wanting to sell him down the river because of the price she
had tempted him to.

Huck has looked at his world and rejected it, and then excludes the idea of
being "civilized" by Aunt Sally. Jim tells him how his evil father died, so
Huck has his money safe, with no impediment to the use of it. He decides to
go out West.