Huck Finn Essay

Huck’s journey down the Mississippi is a process of self discovery where he learns about the different types of “sivilization”, such as southern aristocrats, con-men and ignorant town people.
In the course of his travels down the Mississippi river, Huck learns a lot about himself. Huck has to learn how to take care of himself and Jim. Since Huck escaped Pap, he has to be very cautious on what he does so he doesn’t get seen or recognized. The best example of how Huck matures and learns about himself is when Jim gets captured and Huck has to decide whether to tell his aunt, Jim’s owner, or to get Jim free. This shows how important Jim was to Huck and how Huck regarded Jim as a friend and as a person, not a slave. That was a big step in Huck’s maturation process.
Huck also learns about life from “sivilization” and from the river. What Huck thought were “sivilized” people, the southern aristocrats, turned out to be low life scum. In Huck’s young mind, southern aristocrats were supposed to be proper. But when he met the grangerfoldds, his ideas changed. A great example of this is when Huck learns what a feud is, and right away, the idea of a feud disgusts him.-
“did you want to kill him, Buck?”
“Well, I bet I did”
“What did he do to you.”
“Him, he never done nothing to me.”
Huck doesn’t understand why some one would kill another human being for no reason.
Jim would not of understood it either. Jim is a runaway slave, trying to go back to the free land. Jim ran away from Huck’s care taker, the widow Douglas. When huck stumbles across Jim in the forest, Jim is scared and he thinks that huck is a ghost.
“doan’ hurt me, dont! I haint never done no harm to a ghos’, I alwuz liked dead people”
Jim is a big part of Huck's journey, he helps Huck hide and teaches him many ways of life, such as how to treat people with respect and how every one is equal.
Like Jim, Huck is running away, but from different things. Huck is running from Pap, and Aunt Sally, but mostly he is running away from “sivilized” life. What Huck is running to is a bit harder to contemplate. He’s running to freedom. He doesn't want to be caged in by “sivilization”.