Howard Kaloogian

From 1994-2000 Howard Kaloogian had served the people of California as a member of the California State Assembly. Kaloogian, a Republican has been a leading activist in establishing fiscal responsibility, gaining our individual freedoms, and upholding conservative values. Howard is a conservative political leader who is a successful businessman, educator, and attorney. He has established national recognition by managing current events which face our country and state. The Honorable Howard Kaloogian has lowered the income tax in the state and is fighting to develop a California Flat Tax. Selected as Assistant Republican Leader, he campaigned and gained support across America as the leader of the Defend Reagan Committee. Supporters swarmed the offices of CBS and their sponsors to prohibit an anti-Reagan Production that was later banned from television. As the Chairman of the Recall Gray Davis Committee, Kaloogian was able to terminate the Democratic Governor. The position was then filled by the Republicans and the successful achievement can be associated to the dedication of the Assemblyman. Howard has addressed economic issues and the negative effects of over regulation as a radio and documentary host as well as a convention speaker. As a candidate for the upcoming Senate election Howard Kaloogian understands what California needs to flourish.

Kaloogian opposes President Bush’s amnesty proposal on immigration. He says, “It is not right to allow others to cut in line ahead of others who are obeying our laws.” In the 1986 amnesty the problem of immigration was promised to be solved. At the time there were only 3 million illegal immigrants but current estimates are now at about 13 million. Kaloogian is working for real immigration reforms to deserving individuals. He realizes the desire to flock to our country and embraces it. However, he knows this process must be done legally and through hard work it can be done. Taking this standpoint can fix our current unworkable amnesty which solves nothing. Under his proposal jobs would be available to Americans rather than illegal immigrants. Furthermore it is unsound to reward illegal individuals that have the opportunity to apply legally as others have done. Candidate Kaloogian is proposing a real-time access for law enforcement on every alien seeking admission into the country. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer has done nothing to address this crisis. Republican Candidate Bill Jones supports temporary work visas, which of course would only take jobs away from Californians. Also until the country implements a real-time system probably half of the immigrants would manage to stay in the country after their visa expired.

Howard Kaloogian is fighting hard to turn our budget deficit into a surplus once again. By controlling spending through a tough spending limit on discretionary spending this is very accomplishable. According to his plan if the President will line out excessive spending in congressional appropriation bills we can produce a growing economy. Kaloogian has proposed the reinstitution of the Gann limit in California which has been destroyed. Howard feels that above all we need a Constitutional Amendment to minimize the excessive spending in congressional appropriation bills. Candidate Toni Casey wants to bring $58 billion dollars to California to support our infrastructure. How she plans on accomplishing that goal is unknown because she offers no plan, just a large figure of money.

While Senator Barbara Boxer defends the horrible procedure of abortion, Candidate Kaloogian is meeting the needs of women who feel they have no other choice. Howard will address the needs of pregnant and parenting women by drawing a blueprint to make positive changes. By engaging leaders in all aspects of society this can be done. Society’s failure to help women has to change before more women are emotionally scared after an abortion. Studies show that women after an abortion have a higher risk of cervical, breast, and uterine cancer. To not address these health concerns as Barbara Boxer continues to do is an injustice to women. Howard believes “women deserve something better.” By informing women about the impact of abortion and discovering the root causes of so many abortions will aid in giving women alternatives. Challenger Bill Jones, during the March primary tried to hide from the issue by saying “Women in California are concerned about safe streets, national defense and keeping