How yould you like to be able to go on a vacation and relax, and not even have to get on an airplane? To see bright lights, excitement and, a chance to maybe get rich, that's what I think Pennsylvania would get, if gambling was to become legal in the state. Pennsylvania would become a city with excitement and, a chance to get rich.

Pennsylvania would be more popular if they got gambling because it would be a way to get people to come see it. According to Encarta 98, people are more attracted to a city that has some type of gambling. Not only would it make the city and state more popular, it would also get richer because of all the money people are spending. Also according to Encarta 96 when there is a place to gamble or spend money at a fast rate people are more likely to spend more money then they have. Which would give the state more money to work with on things like roads and possibly school funding. So if Pennsylvania got gambling, it would not only help make the state and, the city more popular, it would also help bring in money to the state which could help in many different ways.

Having gambling in Pennsylvania would also make the state more exciting and, entertaining. Fact shows in the world book and internet, people think that city with gambling have more excitement because of the chance of get rich. Better entertainment to attract to certain things also to spend more money or to get people to come in a certain place to eat. Having gambling may help people think of the state as being more exciting or entertaining which in the long run may help bring them here to live.

Having gambling in Pennsylvania would help people get jobs because in order to run a casino or resturant, you need people. That would give more people job chances because someone has to work the poker table, black jack table and so on. You would need people to serve food or drinks. So not only would having gambling bring in people from all over, but it would also give someone a chance to pick up a job to make some money.

Last, it would be good for Pennsylvania to have gambling because it would not only make the state more popular and bring more people here. But the more people that gambling brings, the more money the state makes. If gambling comes to Pennsylvania it would also provide jobs for many people.