How would you stage Act 3 Scene 1 of Yerma? What effects would you wish to create for the audience?

In Act 3 scene 1 of the play, Yerma goes to Delores’ house to seek a way of having a child. When Yerma approaches the house I would have her wearing a wet skirt/petticoat, be barefoot and have cuts and scratches on her feet. The wet petticoats would illustrate that she has crossed rivers and streams and also that she is a plant that needs to be watered but only her roots and leaves have been watered and not her ovum (Yerma’s womb). She would have scratches on her feet as she would have been walking to this desolate place barefoot and would have crossed forests with sharp thorns and branches on the floor. These thorns represent Yerma and how she isn’t being treated with care and so she is turning nasty. I would have the stage dark and eerie and maybe even have fog/smoke across the floor. This would show that it is a place that not many people visit or would like to visit. The house would be wooden and look like it was falling apart.

When Yerma actually approaches the house I would have a quiet chorus luring her to the house. This would be like a lullaby to show Yerma that she is closer to having a baby by going to the house. This chorus would be chanting “Yeeeerma” is eerie, high-pitched voices. They would almost sound like they were singing. Even though Delores is with Yerma she should disappear. This will make the atmosphere tense and Yerma will be more scared.

As the voices lure Yerma she will slowly and cautiously open the door. As she opens the door the voices become distressed and grotesque and almost like a baby’s cry. When Yerma is finally completely inside the house there are two old women with their backs to her. When the door slams shut the women turn around and Delores appears. Yerma will shudder with fright then Delores speaks.

Yerma seems angered when Delores mentions god. “Of course God is God!” she talks about how animals lick their young clean. I would have Yerma getting down on her knees to show that she is like an animal then will rise and hold her arms in a cradling position as she can actually see that she is holding a baby in her mind. She is idealising the ‘perfection’ that bearing a child could bring for her. This shows that she is very obsessed and would be too close to a child. This is like a dream for her. The two women would look scared and distressed as they didn’t think that Yerma would speak like that. Delores would look a bit unnerved but keeps her strength for Yerma.

When Delores tries to reassure Yerma that she will have a child then Yerma will give reasons why she will. “I will have one because I must!” She is very determined and thinks that she deserves one just for being a woman. She will grab Delores’ shoulders to show her frustration. “Sometimes, when I’m sure that never, never…” Yerma will walk away from Delores to show her disappointment. “A wave of fire sweeps up from my feet and makes everything seem empty” Yerma gets hopeful again and will raise the tone of her voice to show that she is also excited. Then she turns to Delores and falls to her knees “…And I ask myself: ‘What are they for?’” She will shout this as she is very desperate and it is a desperate plea for help and she is seeking this help from Delores.

When Juan enters the scene he is heard knocking on a door. I would have him banging on the door very hard to show that he is strong and that he is there just to know what is going on. Yerma has hidden her feelings and hidden her actions from Juan but finally wants to be exposed to show Juan exactly what he has done to her. “Open it!” Yerma will shout this out almost as if it is a command.

“Here I am!” Yerma is