How to Surf the Internet

The term "Internet," or "The Net" as it is commonly in known in the
computer business, is best described as an assortment of over one thousand
computer networks with each using a common set of technical transfers to create
a worldwide communications medium. The Internet is changing, most profoundly,
the way people conduct research and will in the near future be the chief source
of mass information. No longer will a student have to rely on the local library
to finish a research essay - anybody with a computer, a modem, and an Internet
Service Provider can find a wealth of information on the Net. Anybody with a
disease or illness and who has access to the Internet can obtain the vital
information they are in need of. And, most importantly, businesses are
flourishing at this present day because of the great potential the Internet
First of all, for a person to even consider doing research on the Internet
privately they must own a computer. A computer that is fast, reliable, and one
that has a great deal of memory is greatly beneficial. A person also needs a
modem (a device that transmits data from a network on the Internet to the
user\'s computer). A modem\'s quality and speed are measured as something called
a baud rate (how fast the modem transmits data in bits and kilobits - similar to
grams and kilograms). A kilobit is a term simply used to describe the speed of
a modem. For example, if somebody was to go out and purchase a 2400 baud modem,
they would be buying a modem that transmits data 2400 kilobits per second which
is definitely not the speed of a modem you want if your thinking of getting onto
the Internet. The speeds of modems then double in the amount of kilobits that
can be transmitted per second going from 4800 baud to 9600 baud and so on
eventually getting up to 28800 baud (which is the fastest modem on the market
right now). To surf the Internet successfully, a person will have to own a 9600
baud or higher, and with recent advancements the Internet has offered, the
recommended speed is a 14400 kilobytes per second modem. A modem ranges in
price, depending on the type of modem you want, the speed you need, and if it is
an external or internal type, modems range from as low as $20 to as high as $300.
If a person is unequipped with a computer most local libraries and nonprofit
organizations provide Internet access where research can be done freely. Having
Internet access in libraries is extremely beneficial for citizens who do not
have access to the Internet as it gives them a chance to survey the vast amount
of information available on the Net. And it is absolutely true the Internet is
evolving as the greatest tool for searching and retrieving information on any
particular subject.
Searching for information on The Internet using libraries and other
nonprofit organizations can be a bit uncomfortable. For those people who
already own a computer and a modem, and are ready to take hold of the highway
of information the Internet provides, they might want to consider getting a
commercial account with an Internet Service Provider or ISP (a company or
organization that charges a monthly a fee and provides people with basic
Internet services). Choosing your ISP may be the most difficult thing you must
decide when trying to get on the Net. You must choose a service that has a
local dial-in number so you do not end up with monstrous long distance charges.
You must also choose an ISP that is reliable, fast, and has a good technical
support team who are there when you\'re in trouble or have a problem. Typically,
most ISP\'s charge around $25 to $30 per month and they allocate approximately 90
hours per month for you to use the service.
You must be aware that even though there are some ISP\'s who charge only $10 to
$15 per month for unlimited access, they may not meet up to your expectations;
so it would be advisable to spend the extra $15 or $20 per month to get the best
possible service. No matter how a person gets connected to The Internet, they
will always be able to search for information about any topic that enters their
minds. And it is the Internet that is changing the traditional methods of how
people research specific topics. The tools that simplify the research processes
make the Internet another