How to Make Model Rocket Launchers

Making a rocket launcher may not be easy but it is worth it. The first
thing needed is the model rocket set. The set comes with the engine and all
other parts to make the rocket. The instructions to make the rocket must be
followed. After making the rocket, a three foot PVC tube and cap must be
purchased at a piping store, such as Lowes. In the cap of the PVC tube a one-
fourth inch hole must be drilled. Electrical wire, that can be found at any
hardware store, must be purchased. A four inch wire must be inserted through
the hole in the cap. An electrical igniter must be attached to the end of the
four inches of wire. Instructions that came with the rocket set need to be
followed to connect the igniter to the rocket engine. One pole of a nine-volt
battery, which can be purchased at any Radio Shack, should be connected to one
pole of any momentary switch. The two unconnected wires from the cap must be
connected to the open poles of the switch and battery. It is ready to fire the
rocket launcher. Making a rocket launcher is never easy but the show is worth

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