How Land Rover has to comply with environmental laws.

Land Rover has external costs to the local community. Air pollution is a major problem, it happens when gases are released into the atmosphere. The fumes from machinery and vehicles cause this problem. This can affect peoples breathing e.g. asthma it can also cause cold-like symptoms. When the pollution is washed back to earth by the rain, this can cause damage towards buildings and plant life etc.

Noise pollution is also a problem in the Land Rover grounds. Traffic, lorries and machinery in factories can cause the noise. Noise pollution occurs whenever loud noise becomes a nuisance to humans and other species; it can push away animals to another habitat. Noise levels above 80 decibels are said to be annoyingly loud for humans. This can also cause lack of sleep, and concentration. Also, constant exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing problems.

Water pollution occurs whenever liquids or small solid particles are released into rivers, lakes and oceans. Land Rover may not suffer from this problem as much as other companies because it is not near many water supplies. But if it does occur it can cause plant damage and animal life in water. In addition humans can suffer if the public uses the contaminated water. The use of pesticide and oil spillages can also cause this problem.

Land pollution at Land Rover occurs when ever; solid waste is put on to land. This prevents the land from functioning naturally. This can harm micro organisms in the soil; this can make the land become infertile. These unsightly piles of rubbish will accumulate. Land Rover over uses packaging materials, which cannot reabsorb, back into the land, so they must recycle them in an appropriate order. The cars, vans, etc and electrical goods do not contain sufficient biodegradable parts, this is an example of that must be recycled.

Visual pollution is when people living near to Land Rovers factory can see Land Rovers grounds. To prevent this, the site has a large hedge around the perimeter to try and disguise Land Rovers factory.

Waste products is not so much of a problem at Land Rovers factory, they do try and prevent any incidences when they arrive. Using water-based paint prevents any toxic waste.

Light pollution comes from inside the factory and the car headlights; the light reaches up into the atmosphere and disguises the natural night-light.

Task 2
There are numerous laws Land Rover has to comply with: -

o The environmental protection act in 1990 has been replaced by the pollution prevention act was brought in 1999. Land Rover now has access to the best available technology to help minimise the environmental impact of the business. They are also minimizing waste such as unused copper sheeting etc and recycling materials wherever possible. If for chance Land Rover sells their business/land then the location must be in good condition for the next buyers, but otherwise for the heath and safety of the Land Rover site and public.

o Another law in which Land Rover should comply with is the clean air act, which was brought in 1993. This will ensure that the company would never burn waste materials or products containing a hazardous substance, causing the environment and public any harm.

o A law that doesn’t affect Land Rover too much is known as the water resources act in 1991. This means that the company must never put toxic waste into ricers without permission or cause any harm to the habitat in the rivers. They must also store hazardous materials carefully away from fire, water etc this should prevent any accidents and harm towards employees and the Solihull estate.

o The noise act brought in 1996. This is yet another law the company must comply to. They must take action to help reduce noise pollution to a minimum. This should prevent any disturbances to people living nearby, and harm towards the heath of employees.
Task 3
Land Rover has taken many measures to ensure that they are an environmentally friendly business.

Following the clean air act in 1993 a recent addition to the Land Rover site is a specific area allocated to the paint shop. There are thirteen careful preparations to ensure a high-quality finish on every