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Have you ever used drugs? Have you ever been pregnant? Or have you ever been pregnant while using drugs? Well, whatever you answered to these questions I am going to tell you the cold hard truth about using drugs during pregnancy! If there is anything that doesnít mix it is drugs and pregnancy. You will never find anything that compares to pregnancy. Remember your lifestyle affects your baby. So I am going to tell you a little about how drugs affect that wonderful time during your life.

The first twelve weeks are the most important because this is when the baby forms its major organ systems. By planning and caring for your child you can ensure that your baby is exposed to good things and avoid harmful things such as drinking and street drugs. Most women have no idea they are pregnant, so they go ahead with there normal drug using lifestyle. One good way to avoid harm to your fetus is to treat your body as if you were pregnant during preparation period. If your partner does drugs encourage him to stop during preparation period. The leading cause of SIDS sudden infant death syndrome} is from male drug and marijuana users. So letís get down to what you think your body can handle, and talk about the harmful affects it has on your unborn child.

We are going to talk about drinking, marijuana, and cocaine use. For right now letís talk about drinking, and

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Marijuana use. Alcohol abuse causes FAS fetal-alcohol syndrome} associated with deformed teeth, facial features, and mental retardation. A long time ago, some believed that a small amount of alcohol was safe for a growing fetus. Today, studies believe no amount of alcohol is safe. Like FAS, there is another affect called FAE fetal alcohol effect} which crosses the placenta directly affecting your baby. As for marijuana, sort of like tobacco smoking carries an extra chemical called THC. Marijuana is linked to behavioral problems in a baby. Remember when you get highóyour baby gets high! A study showed in 1999 4% of pregnant women used illicit drugs, majority used marijuana. Marijuana use during pregnancy leads to childhood leukemia, 5% of mothers with leukemia children admitted to using marijuana.

In this paragraph, we are going to talk about a very harmful drug, but used almost more than any illicit drug. Cocaine use! Cocaine is so popular among people over one million babies were born addicted to cocaine since 1990. With any pregnancy any women has a 3 to 5 percent chances to have a baby with a birth defect. Donít make those chances higher by cocaine use. A laboratory test called chromatography to detect most illegal drugs. Cocaine causes spontaneous abortion during first three months, sudden unset of contractions minutes to hours after use last three months. You may think it is o.k. because it gets out of your system in a couple of days. A study showed when you use cocaine it stays in your system 30 hours, but in your unborn baby for four days. In two countries they ran a law allowing judges to jail pregnant drug addicts, to keep them from harm to their child.

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I have only told you half the problems you will make for your child. Think hard before you pick up that glass, light that joint, or snort that line. Donít make your baby suffer for your mistakes, or donít loss the most wonderful, and important thing in your life over your drug habit.