How does Abortion Affect the Expectant Mother?


I am organizing the material by criteria.

I. The relationship mothers have with their children

1. The relationship that a mother shares with her children is one of the closest and most loving relationships on earth.

2. To some women having a child of the most rewarding experience that they can have in their life.

II. During the pregnancy and after the abortion

1. Pregnancy can be a premeditated act or the result of one night of passion and lust either way it happens it should still be considered a positive thing

2. Casual sex is now accepted more widely by our society and a young teenage girl should not have to put her dreams aside just because she is pregnant.

3. Abortion is not as risk free as the doctors who perform the procedure make it sound. It can cause mental and physical ailments to the person having an abortion.

4. Women should have a choice on this matter because it is their bodies and the fetus would not be fully developed by the time that the abortion took place.

III. Personal experience

1. My friend Lance got his girlfriend Heather pregnant and he wanted her to

get an abortion.

2. Today heather is strung out on drugs and has never recovered mentally from the abortion.