How catholic theology affects our lives.

First of all, what is theology? Theology is a particular system or school of religious beliefs and teachings;. I am going to focus in the Catholic theology. Do you ever realized how important is religion in our live? How u ever thought the purpose of life? Our religion is important because it is our lifeís purpose. People needs to believe in something. I think that our lifeís purpose is to prepare and be ready by following the wills of god which are written in the bible, for the final judgement. What is the final judgement? Is when the earth finishes and God decides where we should go.

I am trying to say that our lives should often be in contact with the bible and try to do what it says. Thats what theology do. It tries to show and teach us what is in the bible and pass it to the present time so we could apply it in our daily life.

Those who are not Catholics, a little bit of a new culture will not harm you. To add, it is the worldís biggest religion so I donít think it is bad to know about it.

In Argentina I used to have theology in my primary school, but not in high school. And it wasnít as important as here. Here we are graded for our religious knowledge which I think it is good because it makes us read and study about our religion. I really didn ít know as much as I know now.also, theology builds us up with some other factors, into what we are going to be in the future. It specially builds us in the mental part. If we use what we learn in the theology classes, I hope we should be good persons in the future and by being goods persons we are fulfilling a bit of our Godís will.

Another place to learn more of God is in church or the bible study.

To conclude, I think theology isnít a waste of our daily school time as many people think. I think, by studying theology, it will helps us being good persons and we will learn a lot of God which consequently, we will know how to make him happy and to show him our gratefulness for his sacrification for us and because of his greatest gift , life.