Honors Humanities II
After observing Shen Zou's Poet on a Mountaintop and Constable's Wivenhoe Park, there are similarities as well as differences. There is definite use of floating perspective in both paintings. Both of the paintings lead the eye all over the canvas. The next technique I saw was using brush strokes that give the definite appearance of distance. The farther in perspective, the hazier the object. Shadows are also used to show depth. This is mainly apparent around the trees more than anything else in the paintings.
However, the differences are as apparent as the similarities. The most noticeable of these is the use of color. Zou uses black and shades of gray while Constable uses greens, blues, white, and browns. Next, there is text in the upper left corner of Zou's painting while Constable has a definite lacking of any writing. Constable, however, does use realistic clouds of white, blue, and darks. Zou does not use any clouds but does use fog between mountains to show distance.
Both artists are apparently skillful with their styles. Constable uses colors very well in his portrayal of a park. It is detailed and visually effective. He also details the cow and the people in the rowboat very skillfully. Zou on the other hand does not seem like he needs color to display his scene. The use of gray and black shows definite skill in artistry. It also adds to the fog around the mountains. The poet is not as detailed but is still very visually appealing.
In my opinion, Zou's work is more personally effective while Constable is slightly more artistically appealing. I prefer Poet on a Mountaintop because sometimes simplicity is better. The use of finer detail in shading plus the ability to use one color to make many take more talent and also adds a personal touch from the artist more so than many other forms of color use.