Home is more than just a word in the dictionary. First, and

most basic, a house is a roof over people\'s heads. Second,

a residence is a place to go and truly relax. Third, and most

important, a household is a place to laugh and cry with

loved ones.

A home\'s most basic trait is its ability to provide shelter

from weather. Rain or snow, a house will always be there.

In the cold times of the year, the heater will be there to

warm the house. The heat of the summer is no problem for

a good home. The ideal dwelling definitely must have a

dependable central air conditioner. When located in an

area abundant with tornadoes and hurricanes, a home must

have a safe place. A storm shelter or a basement is an

excellent place to hide.

Besides shelter from weather, a home will also provide

shelter from the storms of life. When work or school is just

too much to take, folks can go home, kick back, and

reflect on the good things they might have. Kids can go

home to hide from the bullies or the kids with cooties. No

matter what the problem is, going home and relaxing can

provide some relief from them.

The most important thing about home is that it is where

loved ones will be. On a good day, they will be there to

share. A household is a place to share a funny joke or a

good story. A haven is a place where people who care

about each other can share a quiet night. More important

than providing a place to share good times, a home also

provides a gathering place for people who care during bad

times. A family residence is a good place to get support for

the bad happenings in life. The bad times can range from

the death of a family member or friend to just a simple bad


Home has many dictionary definitions, but the most important

definition is the one that comes from the heart. A home is a very

wonderful place to have available in times of need. When humanity

needs shelter from Mother Nature, home is there for them. When

folks just need a mother\'s shelter, home is where she is. Home is

and always will be what society makes it.