Home Brewed, the unauthorized biography of Drew Carey written by Kathleen Tracy, provides insight into the wacky lifestyle of the comic and actor.
This biography, complete with eight pages of photos and quotes by Drew and his friends, tells the true story of how the common guy made it big in Hollywood but never forgot his hometown roots. The book details his secluded childhood, "party life of the years" in college, struggling standup performer years, and his current life.
Drew Carey was born on May 23, 1958 in the blue collar neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. He was the third son of Lewis and Beulah Carey. In describing his childhood he was quoted saying, "Weirdo. Weirdo...Underachiever." He spent much of his youth being miserable. According to Drew the death of his father when he was eight years old was, " the single most devastating thing that ever happened to me." As an adult, he drifted from his home and ended up as a waiter. He was close to suicide during several times of his life.
The turning point of his life was when he first wrote a comedic piece for a friend for a local radio station. One thing led to another, and Drew eventually landed an appearance on the popular 80's TV show 'Star Search', as well as, what is often considered to be the peak of a comedian's career: an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1991. Finally in 1995, The Drew Carey Show premiered. After near cancellation, the show has become one the country's top-rated sitcoms. Drew Carey is truly a remarkable story of the American Dream.
Kathleen Tracy perceived Drew in this biography as a humble, yet dark character. In his life she talked about the suicide attempts that he tried the most. She also refers to his family problems. It looks like she takes pity on Drew throughout the book. If I were the author I would have talked to some of his old college friends to see how he was coping with the death of his dad.
Before I started reading the book I thought Drew was an easygoing happy guy. But after reading the book I figured out that Drew is a totally different person than he appears to be. Behind the buzzcut, horn rims, white shirts and skinny ties, lies a different man. He was man that was decimated by his family when he was a child. I would have never figured that unless I would have read this book. Drew would be an interesting guy to meet. It would to be fun to talk with him about his wild college days. I would like to know how where he got his comedic abilities.
Reading non-fiction books take more time because the characters and events are more complex. They are based upon real situations. Also, after I read some sentences in the book, I felt I had to go back and reread them in order to comprehend them. People also read on different skill levels. I think you gave the class plenty of time to finish the book. Some of the students in the class had really long books. They also needed more time to finish the book.