Holden's Dream

Just as soon as I fell asleep, somebody knocked on the door again. I started swearing at the person who woke me up while I angrily went to open the door.
When I opened the goddam door, I saw a familiar girl standing there. She had a polo coat on. It must be that old prostitute Sunny. But when I looked up, her appearance astonished me. "Jane! Why are you here?" I asked curiously.
"What Jane you moron? Don't you remember me?"
"I'm the whore you just spent the night with," Jane said while she walked into the room. Behind her was that pimpy elevator guy Maurice. "Come on, give us the five bucks," Jane said.
"Jane, I don't owe you any money," I said.
"Shut your mouth up kid. Go get us the money immediately," Maurice said.
"No! I have paid you five bucks already. I won't pay you another five bucks for nothing," I said. Boy, my voice was shaking like hell.
Maurice punched me right into my stomach and said furiously, "Hurry, give us the money."
He was a huge sonabitch, that hurt me so much. I was so mad, so I took out my gun and faced it at them. "If you don't want me to shoot you, then stop forcing me okay!"
"Like I'm so scared, kid. Come on, shoot me!" Jane said. I really would have shot her, but the only thing was that she was Jane. She suddenly took the gun from my hands and pointed it at me.
"I'll give you five seconds to get the money, or I will...." Jane said in her cold voice.
I was too scared to move, man. While Jane started to coundtdown, I thought of many things. I was thinking that I was too young to die, I shouldn't die yet while I'm still a virgin and I didn't believe that Jane, the one I loved was the one who would kill me.
When Jane counted to one, I was totally awake from the dream. Oh! Thank God! It was only a godam dream.