Hitler and Mussolini
After World War I there were many problems in different countries. Germany
was in great debt to many countries for losing the war. The money went down in worth,
and at the same time everything rised in prices. Italy who had been on the winning side
suffered unemployment, rising prices, and food shortages. So with all the problems they
needed to do something so we some people came along and said they could help them get
out of this state, people listened and they followed.
In Italy many Italians turned to the idealogy of fascism. A Fascist is a person who
stresses nationalism and places the interests of the state above those idividuals. They
believed to have a strong goverment it must have one strong leader and a small devoted
group of party members. The leading spokesperson for fascism was Benito Mussolini. In
1919 Mussolini organized a group of fascists called Fasci di Combattimento. Mussolini
drew a lot of support and by 1922 he had nearly 300,000 fascist and serval cities. With
even more growing support Mussolini made his bid for power and on that day he said
“Either they will give us the goverment or we shall take it by descending on Rome.”
Mussolini was not the only ruler seeking power and being backed up for it.
Germany suffered greatly with the defeat in World War I. In 1919 Germany
adopted a republican consitution. Their were many critics of this goverment and one of
the harshest was Adolf Hitler. Hitler joined the army and in Vienna adopted many ideas of
extreme nationalists and racist. After the war he joined a group in Munich which was
called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. He ended up changing the name to
the Nazi Party. With his great organizing and public speaking skills he quickly became the
leader of the group. With Hitler as the leader the Nazi Party began to grow. Then Hitler
began his quest for power.
Both men became powerful rulers. They did it in different ways though.
Mussolini with all the poeple and armies and police on his side was maed head of the
italian goverment. Then he started to work on making the goverment a dictatorship so
that the fascist party would have full control. Hitler on the other hand tried to overthrow
the goverment. On his first try he failed and was sent to prison for nine months. After he
got out he started to build up the Nazi Party agian. With the help of the great depression
everyone started to follow Hitler. The seats in the perliamnet rose from 12 Nazi
representations to 107. It keep expanding and in January 1933, Hitler was appointed
chancellor and quickly appointed himself dictator. Another way that Hitler and Mussolini
were different was that Hitler was a real racist man and Mussolini was not. The thing that
both men had in common was that they were great leaders. They got the people behind
them and went and done what they wanted to do.
Hitler and Mussolini had a lot of differences and they had a lot of simalrites. At
the time of their rule, their countries was in a lot of trouble with the way it was headed.
They promised they could fix it. So they tried.