Hillary R. Clinton

In this essay I will talk about Hillary R.Clinton and Rick Lazio. The two candidates for the New York Senate. I will also tell you why I chose one of them and what were my reasons for that.

At the beginning of the project I wanted to vote for Mrs. Clinton.

I thought that she would make a perfect Senator. She is the president’s wife so that means she really spent a lot of time in the White House. I think anyone who spends eight years in the White House will know what’s going on in the political world. She also has been seen on TV and in the news papers a lot of times. I heard that she did a lot of charity work. Also she can take full responsibility for the improper things she does,(like improper solicitation of political contribution).

All of that sounds really great but when I started doing the project and reading the articles I realized that she’s not that great. Most of the charity work she did was only because she wanted people to believe she is a caring person. She was just getting ready for the election in my opinion. She also has no political record, which means no experience. She has been using soft money. She spent more than ten million $ dollars that came from our taxes, on her “business” trips. She’s been trying to make Lazio, look bad in front of people. (He did too, but only in defense). Clinton used an old fashioned way of getting peoples attention by coming to a Yankee’s game. She thinks that putting on a Yankee hat and(buying a $ two million house) will make her a true New Yorker.

That’s pretty much why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and why I would vote for Rick Lazio. For me it’s the first time when I hear the name LAZIO. (That’s why I chose Clinton in the beginning). Never seen him on TV or heard about him at all. The first time I saw him on TV he spoke clearly, knew what he was talking about. I liked it when he asked Mrs. Clinton to sign a pledge for not using soft money (in article for Sep.14). That was a clear way to demonstrate that you can’t trust Hillary Clinton. I like that he remembers about the Upstate New York. He wants improve their economy. Some people like farmers are not very happy the way their economy is right now. It was also very clever of them to roll out their bus and play patriotic and pop music, that teases the journalists and affects younger voters to have a positive effect on them. Also he wants to try helping disabled people by letting them work and keep Medicaid at the same time, I think that would be very good. I like it how he can keep his own compaign to his self, when Mr.Bush visited New York , it seemed that Mr. Lazio was avoiding him. In answer to that he said that “its only about him and Mrs. Clinton.”

Rick have been participating in the program that gave medical help for women who has breast cancer. After all Rick Lazio has built a remarkable record during his eight years in congress. He understands the issues only as a New Yorker can. When he says that he will work on making the taxes more reasonable , its from the perspective of a homeowner who actually pays them. When he talks about education he talks as a parent who sends his children to public schools. He has helped to preserve affordable housing for more than 25,000 senior citizens. His land mark law to cut crime in projects by giving preference to tenants who have jobs, worked splendidly, even though it was criticized. Lazio introduced the Hospital Outpatient Payment Equality Act, which bolsters Medicare payments to New York hospitals through fiscal year 2002.

So after all of those good things Rick Lazio did or planing on doing I just have to give my vote to him. I really think that he’s not going to win, most people will go for Hillary Clinton. Who’s out of sympathy for her, some people believe