High School Seniors chooses between Community College or A Job

Community Colleges is not suitable for High School seniors who will graduate from High School and who are in needs of monies. When these certain students does choose to attend Community College over a job are likely to be drop out of school. Freshmen drop out rate reaches 40%-50% in Community Colleges ever year. College life is difficult for them because they find it very difficult to pass their classes when it so boring and waste of time. The materials they learn in a Community College are similar to the one that they have learned throughout their High School years. Community College classes are for those who have lots of money and time to be waste. They might already master High School courses and attend a Community College just to get an easy diploma certificate. Paying for the huge amount of money for Community College can be risky for those who donít have strong support from anyone and also the kind of knowledge necessary to pass College courses. Most freshmen that attend Community College for one year later on realize that early working is more important than attending College. If any High School Senior are choosing between Community College and s job be sure not to make the wrong choice. If you do make the wrong choice you will loss vulnerable money and time.
Community Colleges like Rio Hondo, PCC, Citrus, East Los Angeles, and etc has more than 50% drop out rate from 1994 to 1997. Most of the students are in their first year of Community College. Those students are the one who can barely passes all their class in High School. Those who receive something like 2.0 or below grade point average. That means they donít have enough knowledge on Math, English, Science, History, or Physical Education to go on further in studying. Community Colleges previously mention except every High School graduate in their school because they wanted their money. They expect all incoming freshmen to know basic Algebra, English grammar, American History, and others subject already. The students only attend the Community College just to be tested in what Math, English, History, and Science skill they have learned in High School. The Community College will drop the students who canít pass their final tests for their courses at the end of every semester. Because not all freshmen already learned the material well enough in High School to pass the test for their College courses are being drop out of school. So what is the use of going to Community College if they wonít teach their students the materials that they donít already know or understand.
The subjects the Community College Freshmen think they might have learned in High School find it the same in Community College. The differences in Community College classes and High School classes can easily be compare. In High School the students have a whole year to learn a subject with a textbook of 200 pages. But in Community College the students learn the same subject as in High School in half of a year with a textbook of 500 pages. Teachers in High School have lot more interaction with their students. Whenever High School students have a problem they can go ask a teacher right away. But at Community College the most professor just come to the class to make their lectures and assign a bunch of homework and then they leave. If students have a personal question on the lectures or homework they got to make an appointment. There is about 10 times as much homework in Community College then in High School. The time allowed to finish the homework in Community College is half of the time for the homework in High School. High School student can study for two to five hours a day in High School and still can pass all their classes. Community college students just canít learn the subjects good enough to get themselves a passing grade for their classes. Community College classes is extremely difficult to pass even if the students spend hours on doing their homework and studying. Community College courses is noting new compare to a High School courses but