HI everyone, whats up? OK, i am sorry for the delay in my story about
me giving the book to alanis on monday, well, i got everyones letters to
her, and ALL of them were included in the book, EVERYONE i got!!
About 500! i stayed up for 24 hours working on the book, and at the
end, it looked beautiful!!!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!!! and then i went, and i
hung out with alanis again, and we had "a little fun" and then, i gave
her a shirt and some presents from my friends and i told her i was
thirsty, so she gave me her half drunken bottle of water, so i drank the
rest and i hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and i told her to
keep in touch with me because i wont see her again for awhile, and she
took all the things and left! SO THEN, the concert started and she was
wearing my shirt i gave her AND a ring i gave her from my friend dana,
she sang Mary jane because i asked her too, and she said she would, i
cryed so bad when she sang that, and she also played the flute in that
i would be good! SOOOO amazing!! then the show was over and i left
with a happy smile on my face! SHE GOT IT ALL! i miss her already, and
she will keep in touch with me, IT was her who signed my guestbook, i
asked her and she said she did, and that was it! IN the private acoustic
performance i went to before the concert, she sang a new version of
joining you, it was soft and slower and it was great! SHE WAS GREAT! I
LOVE HER WE LOVE HER! And if she keeps in touch with me it will be
even better, she has a few copys of my cd and i told her to pass one
on to glen (hint hint) and keep one for herself! LOL, well thats the
story! LATER!