Hexcel Schewbel

Given the opportunity, I studied the International business involvement of a local corporation. I decided to study the company by the name of Hexcel Schwebel. Hexcel Schwebel is known as one of the world’s leading advanced structural materials company. Located in Anderson, South Carolina; Hexcel is known according to their website, as the largest US producer of carbon fiber. Not only that, Hexcel is also one of the world’s largest weavers of structural fabrics. Also among titles they are also one of the leading global producers of fiberglass electronic materials, composite materials such as honeycomb, prepregs, film adhesives and sandwich panels. As far as one could see, Hexcel Schwebel is a major component in the world.

The board of directors includes the following people: David Barges, Chairman and CEO; Joel Beckman, Managing Partner; Arthur Bellows Jr, Audit and Finance Committee; Sandra Derickson, Insurance, Retail, and Refund Services; James Gaffney, Vice Chairman; Sanjery Mehra, Managing Director; Lewis Rubin, President and CEO; Peter Sacerdole, Advisory Director; Martin Solomon, Co‑Chairman.

The Executive Officers include the following: David Berges, Chairman; Stephen Forsyth, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Ira Krakower, Senior Vice President; William Fazio, Corporate Controller; Michael Macintyre, Treasurer; William Hunt, President of Composites; Joseph Shauison, President of Reinforcements Business Unit; also David Tanonis, President of Structures and Interiors. The above is the list of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers as posted on the website.

The current theme of the company’s 2002 annual report follows, "Strength Divided by Weight." The reason, as explained in their 2002 report, was because their products are so valuable in many applications. Their products are used to make common life simpler. They produce products that are easy to use and lightweight, for diverse things. A few of those things include trains, ferries, trucks, and automobiles.

Of course Hexcel deals internationally, as I have stated above. The branch Located in Anderson, South Carolina; is its corporate headquarters as stated on their website. Recently, due to 9/11, sales have gone down drastically; mainly because international relations were almost at a stand still. As of now, Hexcel is aiming to become more conservative in order to prepare for the worst. According to their 2002 annual report, the prediction of failed sales came true; even after trying to be more conservative. Sales have decreased over a three‑year period.

Although sales have decreased in recent years, Hexcel’s future is looking brighter each day. Now, let us have a look at exactly what goes on around this corporation. Believe it or not Hexcel everywhere, and you may not even realize it. It is in the dashboard of your car, your cell phone, and even throughout the airplanes you or your relatives fly on. Their products fuel the imagination of men and have become the basic building supplies of the modern world. According to the website, even the military calls Hexcel to duty.

Hexcel currently has many markets to choose from. The first is commercial aerospace; dealing with possibly all aircraft nameable. Next, there is the Space and Defense market; dealing mostly with, you guessed it, NASA and all programs abroad. Following those comes the Sports and Recreation market; dealing with skis, snowboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and Trek bicycles in the Tour de France. Also there is the Electronic market, dealing with devices that make up the backbone fo the internet; using lightweight fiberglass fabrics. Lastly, there is the Industrial market, which involves safeguards, that according to their website aid structures from earthquakes and environmental pressures to help create today’s wind turbines.

Today, Hexcel offers lots of products and services that is unmatched in the industry. They have a full spectrum of advanced solutions, including everything from structural fiber and reinforcement fabrics to pre‑impregnated materials and the famous honeycomb core to finished aircraft structures and interiors.

Hexcel consumes a portion of its own fiber and composite material production internally, with the balance sold into the different markets in which they compete. This also helps innovation and modifications to become better at what they do. By doing this they are preventing possible problems and even lawsuits. Hexcel is one of the most vertically integrated suppliers in the industry. They are able to control cost, quality, and the delivery of their products.