By: David Kirby

Herman Melville
By: David Kirby

New York, NY

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7---------------------------------------Your Thoughts


Herman melville was smart, wise, highly
opinionated, couragous, and a good influence.

1819 August 1: Herman Melville born in New York City.

1830 Family moves to Albany, N.Y.

1832 father dies.

1839 First proffessional work appears in newspaper.

1840 Travels in the midwest and gets the experience to
write The confidence man.

1841 Sails to the pacific where he hears the tails of the
killer Mocha Dick.

1842 Deserts and lives with the natives of nukuheva. He is
later rescued by the whaler Lucy Anne.

1843 Ships for boston aboard the native vessel for the U.S.
White-Jacket was based upon this experience.

1846 Publishes typee.

1847 Publishes Omoo

1849 Feb. 16: His son, Malcom melvelle is born.

1850 Publishes white jacket. Moves to Arrowhead farm in
Pittsburg, massachustettes.

1851 Publishes the famous moby-dick. Oct. 22 Stanwix
Melville is born.

1852 Publishes Pierre which prompted one newspaper made
a headline "herman melville crazy".

1853 Elizibeth Melville is born.

1855 March 2: Frances Melville is born. Publishes Israel

1856 Publishes the Piazza tales.

1856-57 sails to europe and the holy land where he
gathers materials for tyhe long poem clarel.

1857 Publishes the confidence man.

1857-60 lectures in the north and the midwest.

1863 the melvilles move to new york city.

1864 gathers material for the civil war poems.

1866 publishes battle pieces. Gets job in customs.

1867 Malcom melville dies from a suicidal gunshot to the

1876 publishes clarel.

1885 retires from customs.

1886 stanwix melville dies after a long illness.

1888 publishes john marr and other sailors in a private
edition of 25 copies.

1891 completes draft of billy budd which was not published
until 1924. Sepember 28: dies.

1924 Billy Budd is Published.

1) Wrote the novel Moby-Dick.
2) Was in the U.S. Navy.
3) Wrote numerous famous poems.
4) Wrote many other novels like Pierre,
Mardi, Omoo, Typee, White-Jacket,
Redburn, Israel Potter, and Billy Budd.
5) Contribited to the American Renaissance.

Herman Melville made a lot of novels and
is an example on how great a person can
become. His message was to write stories
on experience: he wrote most of his great
stories on experience.

I think all of the sailors that
Herman Melville sailed with
influenced him the most. They
gave him experiences for the stories
he wrote and one even saved his
life! Also, the sailors told him
tails of Mocha Dick that gave
him the idea for Moby-Dick.

"Your constant sailing and
whaling will soon be the death of
you!!!" his wife would always say.
He was always sailing and managed
to get himself in many danngerous

I think he really was an
important figure in history. He
made legendary novels and
somewhat added to the culture of
the americas. I\'d love to meet him,
but he\'s dead. If i met him, i\'d
really complement him on his
work. If he was living, he would
feel great about his writing
because his writing was not really
appreciated until the 1920\'s.

herman melville, a man
yet years later after his death,
his renassiance began.
herman, a whaler, wrote some
real classic novels.
He had traveled all around the
world just for hhis stories.
His stories which is loved
throughout the world.