Herbert The Frog


3/12/04 Children Story

Herbert was a small frog that lived in a pond with many other frogs. All kinds of frogs even Kermit the frog was there. Every day he would wake up in the morning and swim to the surface of the water. He would sit there still waiting for the flies to wake up so he could have some breakfast. In the time he would wait he had to do something so he daydreamed about many things. One of his most popular dreams was going to Australia. He heard from his frog friends that there were kangaroos in Australia. He didnít really know what a kangaroo was. All he knew was that they jumped like frogs had a pouch and were furry. All of these details made Herbert very excited and made him want to go to Australia. Herbert thought that he could make it to Australia but his frog friends thought he was crazy. Usually he would daydream so much that the flies could just fly right past him. He managed to catch only two frogs which wasnít enough for a young growing frog. After every day he would hop down to the stream and sit promising himself that he would leave to Australia the next day. Another ritual he went through was thinking at the end of the day that he hadnít even tried to make it to Australia that day. Until one morning, it was his birthday he woke up and as usual all the frogs in the pond would chip in and buy the birthday frog a present. All of the frogs in the pond knew that he had always wanted to go to Australia, so they bought Herbert a compass. Herbert was thrilled to receive such a gift he thought to himself he was ons step closer to going to Australia. That day when he went down to the stream he said to himself "Iím going to Australia tomorrow." Herbert told everyone in the village that he was going to leave in the morning. The frogs all thought that he was joking about it. The only person that believed Herbert was himself. Herbert knew that he had to get a good night sleep for the start of his long journey. It was hard for him to get a good night sleep because he was so excited for his journey.

When he woke up in the morning he tried to eat as many flies as possible, he managed to get twenty five which was more than anyone had eaten that day. Herbert said goodbye to everyone. Many people gave Herbert things such as: bags of flies, water, trinkets to sell and maps. Herbert took out his map and saw that he had to go south to the nearest airport. Herbert took out his compass and started to hop where the compass pointed. After hopping for about a half hour Herbert took a break a bee started to buzz back and forth trying to get Herbertís attention. Herbert was so tired that he didnít even notice the bee. Until the bee landed on Herbertís shoulder. Herbert jumped up and yelled, once Herbert saw that it was only a bee he sat back down. The bee started to ask questions like what he was doing. Herbert responded and once Herbert was rested enough he asked if the bee would like to fly with him. The bee agreed and started to walk with the him. Him and the bee talked for a long time and it made it much easier to walk. Herbert thought to himself "silly me I havenít asked the bees name" so he asked his name and had to giggle because his name was so similar. The bees name was Dilbert. Both of them laughed and decided that they had been flying and hopping long enough. So they set up a little fort made of leaves and wood. It wasnít strong but they would only stay for one night. Dilbert had many stories about bears, birds and even frogs Herbert was very amused by all of his stories. At the end of all of the stories Dilbert asked if he could go to Australia with him and Herbert