Helen Keller

Helen Keller was an infant when she contracted the measles and was left visionless and deaf. Communication is a substantial part in a developing child\'s life and Helen Keller was deprived of communication with the outside world.
Helen Keller was a youthful child who grew up lacking communication. Her parents permitted her to do whatever she wanted because they didn\'t know how to get through to her. Her mother wanted to find help for Helen but no one could reach her. Helen wished very much to communicate, but she was never given an opportunity to be like other children. Annie Sullivan saw that there was hope for Helen to be able to reach the level of communication of a deaf child.
Helen disliked Annie Sullivan because she would not let Helen have her way. Annie initially had to instruct Helen to behave. When Annie brought Helen to the farm house Helen was obliged to cooperate. Annie frequently showed Helen the sign language fundamentals. But Helen did not realize that the words she was shown meant objects. Helen ultimately realized the connection one day when Annie was continuously lettering the word water while pumping the water drain onto Helen\'s hands.
Helen Keller was a girl who wanted communication in her life. Once she found it there was no stopping her. She learned many words and was able to communicate with the world. She went to college and graduated with honors. Later she opened a school for children with disabilities. Helen Keller became a well-known famous figure.
Helen Keller was intelligent woman and communication was a considerable part of her life. Communication made Helen Keller\'s world go round.